• Placement Review Process

    It is important to maintain clear communication between student, parent, and teacher, particularly when a teacher recommendation differs from the level that the student feels is more appropriate. In order to facilitate understanding when this difference occurs, the parent will be notified via the course selection process and the student and parent are encouraged to talk with the teacher and/or subject supervisor. If the decision is to override the teacher’s recommendation, the parent/student will complete the link below to initiate the review process.  Please note that you may be contacted by a subject supervisor for more information. The parent/student request will be honored. 

     Only placement reviews that have requested due to a CHANGE in RECOMMENDATION at the end of year will be considered at this point.  Those changes will be communicated to parents by teachers by the last day of school in June.  Parents then have until a few days after that (deadline to be announced) to request a placement review.  


     Please note the following:

    The placement review decision will prevail in the fall. The student will be required to remain in the class level as determined by the placement review process until the end of term 1 when a review meeting will be required.  At that point if a decision is made to move to the originally recommended level it will only happen if there is space in the class and movement may disrupt the rest of the student's schedule so please consider this when completing the review form. 


    If at the end of term one, the student changes his/her level, the student’s grade in term 1 will be entered as earned and the term 2 grade as a “W” indicating withdrawal from the course. Students will then be assessed dependent on their performance at the new level. Their final grade for the year will not reflect their first quarter performance. However the first quarter grade and second quarter “W” will appear on the transcript. If at the end of term one the student does not change his/her level, the student will be required to remain in the class for the full year.