Our Enrichment Programs are sponsored by Magic Dragon
    and Magic Dragon Parent Advisory Board. 
     fire truck   soccer    zumba  
    The programs are part of the Center's daily curriculum. There are no additional fees for children to attend these activities and programs. 
    Our Enrichment Programs have included: 
    • On site visits from local Police and Fire stations
    • Soccer programs
    • Yoga 
    • Preschool field trip to Sauchuk Farm
    • Preschool field trip to Duxbury Beach
    • On site music and movement programs for all ages
    • On site visits from local dentists and orthodontists for "Dental Hygiene" month
    • Zumba (by Natali Eaton) 
    • On site enrichment activities from our wonderful Magic Dragon parents and grandparents (themes and activities vary every year.)