• Functional Skills System, Social Skills Sampler
    Reviewed by: Robert & Artie
    This iPad application is not a good choice to download. The reason this app is of poor quality is because there is no back button when you watch the clips. If you choose the wrong clip you can’t go back. There is also no pause button to pause the video and talk about it. The main speaker in the application says the directions over and over, which is annoying. This application is not worth getting. It might be ok for elementary school students, or students in the 6th grade. But it is generally not worth getting. 
    Reviewed by: Sam
    I would recommend this for children ages upper elementary to middle school because this app can tell you about events that can be expected or unexpected, and all this information can tell you what will happen in your life from time to time. If you download this app be careful about making decisions of what topic and what video to watch because there is no stopping it, and no way to rewind or change your mind once it begins. 
    Reviewed by: Kat
    The Idioms app is about the origin of different idioms. It gives a brief introduction about what an idiom is. The app has an index from A to Z listed so you can find an idiom that you would like to read about. When you click on one, it gives a picture to what you are reading. This is good because if you don't understand what the paragraph is telling you, you have a picture to look at. A characteristic of this app is that it's a little hard to understand. I do recommend this app because it gives different histories about idioms in a fun way. 
    Barron's Painless Grammar, Grammar Challenge 
    Reviewed by: Bobby
    The iPad application Barron's Painless Grammar is an app with all kinds of grammar questions. It has easy navigation and is not complicated. The app has too many questions however, and should be reduced down to at least 10 problems. Also, in my opinion, it should probably add more colors on the app. Also, after a person answers a question it doesn't tell if it was correct or incorrect. My last thing about the app is the mini-games after each quiz, they are fun. On a rating of 5 stars, I would give it a 3 out of 5. 
    Reviewed by: Dan
    The iPad application Barron's Painless Grammar is a pain to play. In the start, there are no directions how to play. The questions are good, but if you get one wrong you don't know until you click the menu button, and then it restarts itself. The app doesn't teach you because it doesn't tell you which ones you have wrong. It doesn't have levels to tell you what difficulty you're on. A lot of the questions are repeated. There is a game but it doesn't always work right. If you're good at grammar this app is free so you should get it, but if you're not good at grammar then it isn't worth it because it is too difficult.  
    Grammar Lite
    Reviewed by: Kat
    The Grammar Lite app has nothing to do with grammar, and there is only a little grammar in it. It actually would be a good study tool for grades 1-10 with various subjects. It's random and doesn't always have the subject you need, and is a rip-off for anyone who needed an app for grammar. In some of the questions it would have more than one right answer. It also has incorrect examples because it has little tiny errors in the use of standard American English.