• October 22, 2021

    Posted by Susan Riser on 10/22/2021

    Good afternoon,


    It was wonderful getting to meet with so many of you during conferences this week. Thank you so much for the many book donations and book fair e-wallet donations. We were able to get several new books for the classroom from the book fair this week! 


    Math: In math we are finishing up unit 3, which focuses on multiplying multi digit numbers. We have been working on multiplying 3 digit times 2 digit numbers. We will have a test on unit 3 next Wednesday, October 27, 2021. In unit 4 we will learn how to multiply with decimal numbers. 


    Literacy:  In Literacy, we continue to delve deeper into our deeper into our books, examining how characters are evolving and growing. We are also exploring ways to improve our book club discussions, using our work during the week to prepare us for an engaging and robust conversation. 

    Please continue to check in with your child regarding their progress with book club each week. We have been working on strategies to help divide up the reading and work so that it is not left until the night before. 


    Social Studies: We are wrapping up our unit on the 13 Colonies and will soon be starting our unit on the American Revolution. This unit starts with the French and Indian War as the students explore why there was a revolution. Then we will move onto the war itself, following the battles throughout the colonies and the formation of our country with the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. 

    Science: In science we have moved on to unit 2: Changes in Matter. We will learn about chemical and physical changes, states of matter, mixtures and solutions. We will be working on this unit for the next several weeks. We have already learned about the states of matter and how particles change depending on whether matter is a solid, liquid or gas.

    Halloween: Next week we will be celebrating Halloween on Friday, October 29th. Both classes will be making a Halloween craft. Students will be allowed to wear costumes if they wish. Costume masks, weapons/props, and inflatable costumes are not allowed. If students want to wear their costume, they must be able to wear their costume all day. There will not be time to change before or after P.E. or recess. We will be talking to the students about these expectations next week. 


    Student Council: Be on the lookout for information regarding Student Council to be posted in Google Classroom next week! This is a great opportunity for fifth graders but it is optional. 


    Passport: If your child is participating in Passport Club, here is the Passport Map Check schedule for the year:

    • October 25-29
    • November 15-19
    • December 13-17
    • January 24-28
    • February 14-18
    • March 21-25
    • April 25-29
    • May 16-20

    Important Dates: 


    October 29th: Halloween at Alden (see Halloween information above)

    November 4th: Picture retake 

    November 11th: No School - Veterans Day

    November 24th: Early Release

    November 25-26th: Thanksgiving Break

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  • September 24, 2021 Newsletter

    Posted by Susan Riser on 9/17/2021

    Good afternoon,


    We can’t believe that it’s almost the end of September! Alden Open House is September 30, 2021. This year, Alden School is holding their Open House a little differently. Please watch for the next Alden Family Newsletter which will have a link to our presentation video. During Open House you will have the opportunity to visit the classrooms and ask any questions you may have after watching the video. We look forward to meeting you!



    We have finished up unit 1 on place value with decimal numbers. Score sheets will be sent home soon. If you would like to view the test questions, have your child log in to their Savvas account. The test can be found under the completed assignments tab. Next, we are moving on to adding and subtracting decimals to the hundredths place. We plan to finish this unit the first week of October. Unit 3 will focus on multiplying multi digit whole numbers. 

    Students have several options for practicing their math skills. They have practice assignments in different platforms such as IXL, SplashLearn, Freckle and Savvas. Freckle also has a math fact practice feature that some students prefer over Xtramath.org. 



      Having finished the Launch Unit, we will begin Unit 1 next week. This unit has students exploring ways to delve deeper into the books they are reading in order to be more analytical during their book club discussions. Book Club will start next Friday after students receive their books and work packets. Each week, students will meet on Fridays (unless there is no school on Friday, then it would be on Thursday) to share ideas and discuss the book. To help guide their discussions, each student will have a week to independently read and complete a sheet used for discussions. Students should not read ahead of their group as that can lead to confusion. Book Club expectations will be explained next Friday when they learn who they will be working with in their particular group.

    As a reminder, students at this time are expected to be reading 20 minutes each night and completing their reading log. When they finish a book, they meet with Ms. Riser to fill out their Bingo Board together. They should also complete 2 units each evening in Lexia, unless otherwise instructed in their agenda. 

    In writing, we have begun our personal narratives after reviewing what a personal narrative entails. This week we brainstormed ideas, and then worked out a “seed moment” (the most important part of the event) from our “watermelon ideas” (the general event/day). Next we will focus on ways authors creatively draw us in with their entertaining beginnings and try to do the same. 

    This week’s morpheme was “photo” (“light”). The children worked hard to find words that included the morpheme, such as photosynthesis, photogenic, and photojournalism. They continue to incorporate their grammar skills as they study ways that authors craft their sentences. 


    Social Studies:

    We continue our unit on the Thirteen Colonies. We have held a mock town meeting in class, and discussed how town meetings are an important part of many local towns, including Duxbury. We are continuing to move down along the coast, investigating life in the Middle and Southern colonies. 

    Students have been told that there will be a vocabulary check on Tuesday. This will cover the 13 words and their definitions found in their binder. Spelling the words is not expected, but they should be able to match the correct definition to each word. A new list of vocabulary words will be introduced in the second half of next week. Practice opportunities will be given to help students learn and use the vocabulary. 



    In science we are still learning about the properties of matter. We will be finishing this unit soon. There will be an end of unit assessment during the first week of October. We will review this topic prior to the assessment. Students will be able to use their book and reference sheets for this first assessment. In unit 2 we will continue our study of matter and focus on both physical and chemical changes in matter. 

    Each student has an account on Code.org to practice their computer coding skills. This program can be accessed at home as well. It is designed to allow students to work through the levels at their own pace. 


    We are pleased to share that we have class coordinators for our classes this year. Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Fitzpatrick are the coordinators in Ms. Kelly’s class. Mrs. Hampton and Mrs. Lamb are the coordinators for Ms. Riser’s class. Our class coordinators are trying to create class lists for both classes. To help them, please create an account at www.aldenpta.org if you have not already done so. By creating an account, you will be kept up to date on any classroom or PTA events. 


    Important Dates


    September 28th: Early Release 10:35 

    September 30th: Alden Open House

    October 1st: Dragon Dash

    October 8th: No School - Professional Development

    October 11th: No School 

    October 18th-22nd: Scholastic Book Fair

    October 20th: Early Release - Conferences *More information coming soon

    October 21st: Early Release - Conferences *More information coming soon

    October 21st: Evening Conferences *More information coming soon

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