Kids wishing their dad well at the PMC.  
    Mr. Sulkala
    Alden School/ Grade 4

    This is my 15th year teaching and I love it! Before I became a teacher I
    worked in advertising and marketing for about ten years.

    I have a daughter in 12th grade and an active 8th grade son, both of whom
    keep me constantly on the move. When I'm not in school or with my kids, I
    enjoy reading, cycling, running, and golfing.

    Miscellaneous Tidbits:
    I am one of six kids.
    I rode my bike across the country. I also rode it up Mt. Washington - TWICE!
    I taught myself to play the guitar and though I can play many songs I'm not
    very good!

    When I was in fifth grade my teacher made us write two page stories for breaking the classroom rules, and
    believe me, I wrote more than my fair share!