blank Debra Ventura
    Chandler School- Kindergarten
     Picture of Mrs. Ventura
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    I love life...... Some say, "I am a big kid at heart!" so when it comes to my favorites it will depend on what we are talking about.
    My Favorites....
    Favorite Color:  Yellow roses, green clothes, silver jewelry.
    Favorite Activities: Being outside on a beautiful day (hiking, biking kayaking), scrapbooking, cooking,  and dancing.
    Favorite Restaurants:  Carmella's, Alden Park and Charlie Horse. (I definitely love to enjoy a good meal with family and friends).
    Favorite Numbers: 8, 10 and 22.
    Favorite books: When I was a kid...    Are You My Mother?  by Eastman
                                                             Jumani by Chris Van Alstien 
                                                             'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore
    Favorite Subject:  Science
    Favorite Animals:  Bears and dogs.
    I love to learn new things, meet new people, and discover different cultures.