• To reach the DHS Guidance office, please call the high school main number at 781-934-7650.  At the menu, enter the counselor's extension (listed below) or press 1 for the guidance secretary.

    Mrs. Gail Anderson

    Guidance Secretary

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    Ms. Lisa Dembowski 
    Director of Guidance
    Extension 4124
    Mr. Jon Cucinatto
    Extension 4128
    Mrs. Kelly Jurgens
    Extension 4134 
    Ms. Bridget Mellon
    Extension 4133
    Mrs. Carolyn Powers
    Extension 4135
    Ms. Alissa Nemzer
    School Psychologist
    Extension 4129
    Ms. Michelle Ryan
    School Psychologist
    Extension 4132
    Ms. Brianna DeCoste
    Extension 4126
    Counselor Assignments
    Students' Guidance Counselor can be found in Aspen.  While we hire to replace Mr Maguire and while Ms Mellon is on leave the following is the staffing plan for students assigned to those two counselors:
    Mrs Mellon's caseload:
    Seniors - assigned to Ms. Decoste 
    Juniors - split between Mrs Jurgens and Ms Decoste (those in an academic support assigned to O'Leary will go to Mrs Jurgens and those in academic supports assigned to D Mitchell or St. James will go to Ms Decoste)
    Sophomores - assigned to Mr Cucinatto 
    Freshmen -  assigned to Mrs Jurgens
    When Mrs Mellon returns in January, she will take this caseload back as her own.  
    Mr Maguire's caseload:
    now assigned to Mrs Powers
    Important Note about Phone calls and Emails:
    As you would anticipate, most of the day of a Guidance Counselor is spent meeting with students and families.  As a result, we ask that you give us twenty-four hours to respond to email and voicemail.  Obviously, there are plenty of times that we will not need this window to respond, but certain times of the year can be extremely busy.  If your call is urgent in nature, please state that in your call.  Please be advised that for urgent situations, email is not the best method of communication.
    Students and families are encouraged to make appointments to see their Guidance Counselors.  Counselors are available Monday through Friday during school hours.  
    To make an appointment, students and families can sign up in the appointment books within the Guidance Office.  Students will be given a pass for the class which is during that period.  It is the student's responsibility to show that pass to the teacher PRIOR to coming to Guidance for the appointment.  Students WILL NOT be called out of class as we do not want to interrupt the class.  Students should also consider the class for which they will be leaving for the appointment.  They should not miss any exams, projects etc. 
    Families can also call the DHS Guidance Office to make an appointment. Unless it is an emergency situation, it is difficult for us to accommodate walk-ins, so please do your best to make advance appointments.
    Guidance has a weekly section in the DHS newsletter.  Be sure you receive it and read it each week for important information!