Scoliosis Screening for All Grades

    Each year, students in grades 5 through 9 are screened for scoliosis. The purpose of this screening is to detect early signs of spinal problems that should have further medical evaluation. In the past these problems often went unnoticed and ultimately untreated. The two major types of spinal curvature are scoliosis, which is more prevalent in girls, and kyphosis, which is more common in boys. There is no known way to prevent these conditions, but to keep these curves from becoming severe problems through early detection and prompt treatment are advisable. The screening is scheduled during physical education class. Each class will be informed about the specifics of the screening. In PE, a screener of the same gender as the student, screens girls and boys separately. The School Nurse will also conduct screenings in the Health Office. Students with positive findings will be re-screened by Dr. Muido, our school physician. If he confirms the evidence of positive findings, the parents will be notified and referred for follow-up. If a parent declines to have their student screened by the school, written documentation, must be submitted to the school nurse.