Science, Technology and Family/Consumer Science at Duxbury High School 
    The DHS/DMS science and technology department includes science and family and consumer science.
    Science courses introduce students in grades 6-12 to scientific investigation in the physical, biological, and earth sciences. All science courses use the eight science practices of asking questions, planning and carrying out investigations, using mathematical and computational thinking, developing and using models, analyzing and interpreting data, constructing explanations, engaging in argument from evidence, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information to connect with real world applications and student's every day lives. The goals of science instruction are to stimulate student interest in the wonders of science, to provide a foundation of scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes which will allow students to pursue their interests in science at college and as a career, and to lay a foundation of “scientific literacy” which will enable students to become active, productive, and informed participants in an increasingly technological society. The 6-12 science curriculum offers a series of increasingly sophisticated courses in the physical, biological, and earth sciences that spiral through the seven years of instruction. 


    Family and Consumer Science courses are designed to assist individuals in career exploration(The Breadboard and community involvement) as well as practical life skills. Courses focus on the culinary arts, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices and wellness, child development, consumerism, and interpersonal relationships. All students can benefit from these Practical Arts classes.