Welcome to the 6-12 Mathematics Department Homepage!
    Our Vision
    The  mathematics department at Duxbury Middle and High School provides the highest quality mathematics education for every student by inspiring students to pursue mathematics with enthusiasm and confidence in their abilities. We continuously encourage problem-solving and creative thinking in a challenging, safe, caring, and respectful learning environment preparing students to take on the ever-changing technological world.  We develop students as mathematical thinkers and problem solvers, inspiring them to become lifelong learners, to follow their passions, and to become positive, productive citizens.
    Our Staff
     Middle School Staff  High School Staff
    Julie Cook
    Melanie Kennedy 
    Elaine Postler 
    Marylynn Sciretta
    Kayla Shannon 
    Jessica Sullivan
    Dan Whelan
    Christopher Carey
    Jared Chivers
    Devin DeBruyn
    Kate Donovan 
    Tony Fisher
    Ryan Hall
    Brandon Josselyn
    Kathleen Mastrogiacomo
    Kerrin O'Leary
    Meg Radzik
    Theresa Raftery
    Anna Xu 
    Please use the side tabs to access important information about the sequence of courses and department policies. With any questions, please contact traftery@duxbury.k12.ma.us