• Hello All,

       The first thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE children!!!  I
    have three of my own; two boys and a girl who are 30, 29, and 25 respectively.
    Before having children I enjoyed a career in the regulatory end of banking.  Although this
    was a successful and challenging job, after being involved in my own children's' educational
    process as a classroom volunteer, fundraising chairperson, school council co-chair, educational steering committee,
    and many other capacities I discovered that I had a deep respect for teachers
    and their passion for their chosen vocation. Sooooo, at forty-something years old I
    decided to go back to school.

         I had previously earned a bachelors degree in business from Boston
    College.  I applied to and was accepted into Lesley University's Master's program for elementary education
    . I earned my degree going full time (summers
    included) in a year and a half.  Before being hired as a 5th-grade teacher
    and while still attending Lesley University I completed 3 long-term substitute
    positions, all of which were 5th-grade positions in Duxbury. I was subsequently thrilled to be hired right out of college and into my present

         This is my 16h year of teaching and I can tell you that each day holds its own unique experience and is rarely what I expect.  I anticipate each day with your child as a gift to be unwrapped and appreciated!!  So, even on those rare days that are the most trying, I would not want to be doing anything else.
         In closing, I would like to thank you for trusting me with the task of nurturing and educating your children.  I am looking forward to working with all of you to ensure a respectful, productive, and enjoyable 5th-grade experience. 


    Miss Girouard

         My mission is to create a safe student-centered learning environment where the academic,
    social, and emotional needs of all students are being met on a daily basis.
    Respect & responsibility will be the overarching theme in our classroom.  This,
    coupled with a "Choices and Consequences" model will serve as the scaffolding
    for our newly formed community. Students will understand their individual role
    within this environment and its clearly defined expectations.  

    Miss Girouard

    Alden School, Room 128