• Duxbury Public Schools Special Education
    The Duxbury Public Schools are dedicated to providing a free and appropriate education to all children, in the least restrictive environment.  High expectations for achievement are maintained throughout the district for all students including those with disabilities.  Special education services are designed to allow students with disabilities to participate in the general education setting to their maximum potential.  Our co-teaching model combines the experience, knowledge, and skills of general education teachers, special education teachers, therapists and support staff to offer the opportunity for academic, social and emotional development in the mainstream environment.  Students who may require more intensive services may receive them through learning centers or substantially separate settings; in small group or individually.
    Duxbury High School Programs
    Duxbury High school provides students in need of special education services through inclusionary classes and learning centers.  The learning centers are open on a full time basis meeting the needs of those students scheduled for instruction as indicated on their IEP.  The learning centers are also available, on a drop-in basis, for students with IEPs but are fully included in the regular program.  Finally, through inclusionary support, students access the general curriculum and programs while receiving "on the spot" classroom support provided by co-teaching teams and special education support staff.
    Duxbury Middle School Programs
    The Duxbury Middle School provides programs and services for students in grades 6 through 8.  Special education services are provided within inclusion and learning center models.  Therapy services are also provided as required in the student's IEP.  The special education team determines services for students based on their identified educational needs. 
    Alden School Programs
    The Alden School educates all students in grades 3, 4 and 5.  Special educations services emphasize accommodations for literacy and basic skills instruction.  All students learn in the general curriculum and regular class programs, and have varying degrees of special education supports as identified on student's IEPs.  Curriculum modifications and consultation services are available and assist in providing educational services with the general curriculum.
    Chandler School Programs
    The Chandler School includes pre-school through grade 2.  As an early childhood school, there is emphasis on the child, utilizing the developmental process to enhance cognitive, social and motor skills.  Pre-academic skills in pre-school and kindergarten prepare students for the grade one and two curriculum in reading, writing and mathematics.  Services are provided in regular classroom settings as well as resource classroom settings.  The special education team determines services for students based on their developmental and educational needs.