Our Early Childhood Preschool Team

  • Welcome

      Heather Tucker, Administrator of Special Education

      Erin Wiesehahn, Principal of the Chandler School

      Sue MacNeil, Assistant Principal of Chandler School

      Sara Milner, Curriculum Supervisor for PS-Grade 2

      Amy Holland, Early Childhood Coordinator/School Psychologist/ Special Education Team Chairperson

      Cristin Mitchell, Preschool Office Assistant

      Missy Magner, Preschool Office Assistant


    Jessica Devine, Speech and Language Therapist

    Annemarie Jacobson, Occupational Therapist

    Deb Silk-Thompson, Physical Therapist

    Lisa Sisioan, Special Education Early Childhood Teacher

    Skye Cristoforo, Special Education Early Childhood Teacher

    Shaylin Clancy, Special Education Early Childhood Teacher

    Carla Boyle, Preschool Assistant (AM/PM) - Ms. Lisa's Classroom

    Monica Chandler, Preschool Assistant (AM) - Ms. Skye's Classroom

    Jenna Fiander, Preschool Assistant (AM) - Ms. Shaylin's Classroom

    Caroline Hulme, Preschool Assistant (PM) - Ms. Skye's Classroom

    Kadi Hunter, Preschool Assistant (AM) - Ms. Lisa and Ms. Skye's Classrooms

    Melissa Scott, Preschool Assistant (AM/PM) - Ms. Shaylin's Classroom