•   Social Studies Homework /Absence Guidelines

    1) Students are responsible for writing down each days assignment in the appropriate section of their agendas. Homework assignments will be written on the board. I will review each assignment so that students are aware of my expectations and to clarify any questions.

    2) Students are expected to turn in their assignment when it is due. If a student does not have his/her completed work on that date, they will receive a 0% on the portal for the assignment. Once the assignment is completed and shown to me, I will adjust this grade as follows: 1 day late=75%; 2 days late= 50%; 3 or more days late=0%.

    3) Students are to contact their “study buddy” if they are absent or miss a social studies class for any reason. Their buddy will inform him/her of what took place in social studies class that day, as well as any homework that has been assigned. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the work and to hand in any assignments. Tests/quizzes must also be completed. Students have an amount of time that is equal to the time that they were out to complete assignments and take tests/quizzes that were given during their absence.