• What is speech?
    Speech is the verbal way of communicating with others. It includes things such as articulation (how we make sounds), fluency (the rhythm of these sounds in our speech), and voice (how the speech actually sounds). Sometimes, a person might not be able to speak with their voice, but rather s/he tells a computer what to say and it speaks it for them.
    What is Language?
    Language is made up of socially accepted rules that include things such as semantics (what words mean), making new words out of existing words (like changing "big" to "bigger" to suit the context), putting words together to communicate a desired message, and then being able to receive and understand the message whether it is spoken, written, or communicated through body movements and expressions (nonverbal communication).
    Speech and Language are two different things, but they go together. They have to do with communication, and communicating is one of the most important things that we all have to learn how to do well.