• During speech-language sessions, different students will be working on different things.
    Some students might need help with managing the fluency of their speech if they stutter, so they will be working on their speech.
    Other students need help working through and understanding the complex language that is part of the curriculum for grades 6-12, and these students are working on their language.
    Along with addressing specific questions related to homework and assignments, a speech-language session includes learning and practicing the language-rich strategies and skills needed to succeed in the classroom.
    That might mean reading a passage and figuring out what it means. Other times, it means deconstructing vocabulary words (figuring out what they mean). Reading comprehension, listening, writing, social skills....these are all things we might work on during speech-language classes.  
    Consider speech-language time to be an opportunity to exercise the language centers in your brain - kind of like lifting weights strengthens your muscles, exercising our speech-language centers improves and makes stronger our ability to understand and express messages.