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    -Optional worklist   


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    Students are working on skills focused on reading Nonfiction text. We will look into text features, text structures, and other common aspects of the NF genre.
    Our next unit, will focus on reading Historical Nonfiction chapter books. Books will take place during 4 time periods- American Revolution, Great Depression, Pioneer, and Civil Rights.
    Our next writing genre is Persuasive and Opinion writing.
    Please check our Google Classroom link for updated assignments 
    Book Orders : class/team code: NTQCP


    Topic 9- MULTIPLY Fractions
    USE IXL and class Prodigy to support extra practice on this skill.

    Social Studies- 


    Please check our Google Classroom link for updated assignments 


    Early Explorers 


    Phyiscal Science- Students are learning about weathering and erosion.


    Please check our Google Classroom link for updated assignments 




    30 Day Lego Challenge

    Students will use technology some days to complete  assignments.


    Words Their Way-  Weekly sorts focus on word study and patterns. Check your child's agenda for the weekly list.


    Our team uses DOJO to communicate daily. We send pictures of our homework board and daily reminders. 
    Please remember as we get into the school year and homework demands increase, NO student should spend more than 1 hour on homework. We trust that by fourth grade a good homework routine is in place.  DSU, Club, and Before and After Dark all offer a Homework time for routine and structure if needed. We assign homework that should only take (40 minutes) if they have studying to do add 10 minutes to the daily routine. NO STUDENT should be working on homework for more than 1 hour. 
    HERE is a guideline on the nightly homework layout: 
    READING: 20 minutes OR Read Theory
    MATH: 20 minutes Usually a worksheet (even or Odd) OR online option
    Social studies/ Science: 10 Minutes (study skills when preparing for a test) 

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    Regarding sick notes for your child: An unexcused absence means that the school has no documentation that the absence was for illness or family emergency.  Alden School requires that families provide notes when a child has returned from an absence that explains the reason for the absence.  Excused absence notes may be handwritten and sent in with the student or emailed to the school nurse, Kathy Carney, at [ mailto:kcarney@duxbury.k12.ma.us ]kcarney@duxbury.k12.ma.us.  In the case of excessive excused absences, the school may ask for further documentation from a physician.

     MS. BALL'S class will have Tuesday lunch group with Mrs. Jones. Different students will rotate in to this group weekly. They eat in her room instead of the cafeteria.

    We are so lucky.