6-12 Mathematics Department Placement Recommendations

    The Mathematics Department Placement Policy includes grade prerequisites for entry into subsequent mathematics courses/levels and the current teacher's recommendation. In addition to the grade prerequisites, careful attention will be paid to individual learning styles and individual scores in standards-based assessments to truly make sure that students are placed correctly. Thoughtful consideration was given to these prerequisites and the benefits of adopting them, mainly to have students enroll in a course commensurate with their needs and past achievement and to maintain the integrity of the sequential courses. Criteria for placement has been developed for the benefit of all students at Duxbury Public Schools. The policies in place are to ensure that every child can reach their full potential in being placed in a course that is appropriate for their ability level. Overrides in course placement must be pursued through the process outlined in the guidance office and discussed with the mathematics subject supervisor for grades 6-12, Brandon Josselyn (bjosselyn@duxbury.k12.ma.us). 

     Advanced Placement Criteria:

    Includes an approved AP Mathematics Application in addition to the minimum grade prerequisites below:

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Probability and Statistics

    93% or higher in Course 230


    80% or higher in Course 230


    93% or higher in Course 231

    80% or higher in 220 or 230 or 85% or higher in Course 231

    Math 'Options':

    In preparation of transitioning students for placement into their tenth-grade math courses, we have also begun to look at which students in particular could benefit from the math-directed Options course for sophomore students.   

    Based on teacher recommendations and prior MCAS data, many students will be encouraged to enroll in a semester-long course to better prepare them for not only the grade 10 Next-Gen MCAS, but also for their future mathematics courses. Passing the grade 10 MCAS is a graduation requirement for all students in Massachusetts. The actual test itself has recently changed to incorporate more standards within its different domains (Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Number and Quantity, and Statistics and Probability). It is because of the expected rigor of that assessment that these students can gain an advantage on the test in addition to their general math classes as well. 

    The course, through the skills gained and concepts learned, can allow students to be more confident and successful with math. The course will still allow time for students to work on their other coursework in addition to teaching new content and better solidifying some areas of weakness in math.

    New Students:

    For students new to Duxbury, the mathematics supervisor will make a placement recommendation to guidance based upon the student’s performance in their previous school system and on state standardized assessments. In instances where there is a lack of information or a discrepancy in recommendation, students will be asked to sit down for a placement exam to determine the appropriate course and level.