Duxbury Public Schools

    Mathematics Department 6 - 12 Calculator Use Policies

    The Mathematics Department is committed to exposing students to a variety of tools to support both the calculation and synthesis of concepts in class. Despite our advancements in technology, students must continue to become familiar with scientific and/or graphing calculators in order to continue to be successful on standardized assessments at the local, state, and national level. The following policies were developed in accordance with guidelines outlined in the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks and recommendations provided by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

    Mathematics Department Recommendations:

    (1)  Students in Grades 3 - 7 should be familiar with a four function calculator to enhance their understanding of previously learned concepts and to support the validity of answers in a problem solving situation. Students should learn to perform basic arithmetic operations without a calculator.

    (2)  It is strongly recommended that all students enrolled in an Algebra I or subsequent course, including Grade 8 Algebra, own a TI 83, 83 Plus or 84 graphing calculator.

    (3)  A graphing calculator is required for all students enrolled in an Algebra II or subsequent course.

    (4)  All high school students will be assessed both with and without a graphing calculator.

    (5) All midyear and final exams will include graphing calculator and non-calculator sections.

    (6) Student mobile devices are not permitted for use in lieu of a calculator on any assessment.