• 2018-2019 School Year Summary of Changes  

    Continuing with the changes from the previous school year, the 2018-2019 Academic Year will include adjustments to the Pre-Calculus courses offered at the high school. Please refer to the previous year's changes summarized below as well as the Program of Studies that details course offerings.


    • Course 230: Continuing with last year’s change to two levels of Algebra 2, there are now two levels of Pre-Calculus. The Honors Pre-Calculus (also known as Pre-AP Pre-Calculus or formerly known as Accelerated Pre-Calculus) is recommended for Algebra 2 students that scored at least an 85% overall average in Honors Algebra 2.
    • Course 231: The College Prep Pre-Calculus course is recommended for students that scored between a 70% and an 85% from Honors Algebra 2, or for students in College Prep Algebra 2 that scored a 93% or above. Although the course is labeled College Prep, students that maintain an 85% average will be recommended to take Honors Calculus during their following year as the highest level Calculus course can support AP-level credit. This is not true for students taking Course 232 who would be recommended to take semester electives (including CP Introduction to Calculus) their following year. 
    • Course 232: Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry will remain as an option for students that score below a 70% in Honors Algebra 2 or below a 93% in College Prep Algebra 2.



                            DHS Mathematics Program

    Mathematics Sequence

    Please Note:
    The mapping above is a general map of the typical grade level progression in courses. For more information about course descriptions, movement between levels, and placement policies, please visit the Program of Studies. For a quick reference to placement and movement between course levels, please visit the 6-12 Placement Policy tab. Any questions or concerns with student placement or the progression of courses should be addressed with the mathematics subject supervisor for grades 6-12, Brandon Josselyn (bjosselyn@duxbury.k12.ma.us).