• The Grade 8 Mathematics Program           

     Math 8 book

    Grade 8 students will be enrolled into one of the following three courses:   

    Integrated Algebra 1, or Course 282, includes all of the Common Core's Grade 8 curriculum standards.  The pace of this course allows students to also master any Math 7 curriculum needed as they move through the Grade 8 skills and concepts.  The curriculum includes estimating and converting all real numbers, practicing with radicals and integer exponents, understanding the connections between proportional relationships and linear equations, analyzing and solving linear equations and systems of linear equations, an introduction to functions, modeling functions, understanding congruence and similarity in Geometry, understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem, solving real-world problems with Geometry, and investigating patterns in statistics.  
    Algebra 1 with Linear Algebra, or Course 281, includes all of the Common Core's Grade 8 curriculum standards, as well as some high school linear algebra standards.  In addition to the curriculum listed above, this course moves at a faster pace and includes students to think at a higher level of understanding to model linear algebraic relationships.  Students will reason qualitatively, interpret the structure of expressions, create equations that describe linear relationships, and understand solving linear equations as a process of reasoning. Supplemental high school resources will be used in addition to the Glencoe Course III book.
    Honors Algebra 1 with Algebra and Functions, or Course 280, is a fast-paced, rigorous course that allows students to move through integrated math topics and concepts contained in both the Common Core's Grade 8 curriculum and high school's math curriculum.  In addition to the curriculum listed in Course 281, this course will assess students' understanding on the modeling of non-linear algebra and functions.  Students will interpret functions that arise in applications, analyze functions using different representations, and build functions from pre-existing functions.  Supplemental high school resources will be used in addition to the Glencoe Course III book.
    This Grade 8 program integrates conceptual areas of mathematics to ensure yearly continuity of topics and retention of concepts and skills.  Both Grade 8 and high school framework standards are used to guide this curriculum and pave the way to higher-leveled mathematics.  A carefully-crafted alignment between this program and 9-12 mathematics preserves the already-successful tracking of students into Calculus their senior year.


    The assessment of student understanding will include project-based activities and technology-enhanced labs.  Students will discover relationships in mathematics through investigative approaches and collaborative experiences.  In addition, each unit will include at least one graphing calculator activity to enrich student understanding of algebra and allow for multiple representations of functions.  This is an important change to the framework standards and is essential for the modeling of mathematics.  In addition, graphing calculators provide students with an advantage during MCAS assessments due to their functionality and visibility.  They provide all learners with the capability to explore mathematics in real-world situations, free from computational complexities. Assessments in Grades 8-12 will consist of two sections (non-calculator and graphing calculator) to ensure students are achieving the expectations of the content appropriately.  Currently, all high school mathematics courses incorporate the graphing calculator into their instruction.  All College Board Advanced Placement mathematics courses require the utilization of this tool, and the AP exams contain graphing calculator sections as well. 


    Each Grade 8 mathematics teacher will have a classroom set of TI-84 plus graphing calculators.  It is strongly recommended that students purchase their own calculator to allow for student practice outside of instruction.