• Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday except for long term assignments, or projects, which may require extra work on weekends. It is work that reinforces a class lesson, provides practice on a skill, promotes critical thinking, prepares students for the next day’s lesson, and helps establish a routine of responsibility! Per school policy, your child should spend 45 minutes each night on his/her homework. I n addition to daily homework assignments, every fourth grader should be reading for a minimum of 15 minutes a night. If significantly more time is spent, PLEASE notify me so that modifications can be made.
    Weekly homework is very predictable. Each night students will have assigned math problems to complete (either on paper or through their enVision online account). Additionally students will have word practice with spelling or a spelling enrichment activity. Spelling enrichment packets are given out Mondays and simply need to be completed and turned in on Friday. Added to that each Monday & Wednesday students will have a short assignment for their Mystery Word of the Week. For example, Monday night students will use the new vocabulary word correctly in a fantastic sentence (our Mystery Word of the Week Sentence). This same word will be used to complete a Word Detective assignment on Wednesdays.