Topic 1 North America

  • TERM 1 September -October

    What are the physical features and nations of North America?

    Use this website to help study for map quizes. 

    Topic 1. North America: geography and map skills 

    Students will understand:

    Physical Features TEST FRIDAY Sept. 27th

    •How to locate and identify import physical features of North America on a physical map

    Physical Features of North America on a Map

    •How to locate the nations of North America on a political map

    Noth America Map Game

    •How to research and present information about Canada or Mexico


    •The meanings of the terms: continent, country, nation, county, state, province, and city

     •On a political map of North America locate the nations of the Caribbean

    Carribean Map test 


    A Great way to learn your states and capitals along with important features of each state.





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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Topic 3. Early European exploration and conquest

    Supporting Question: What were the reasons for European voyages across the Atlantic Ocean?

    1.     Explain how historians studying the European voyages to the Americas use archaeological evidence, maps, illustrations, and texts produced in Europe at the time, and that all of these materials are called primary sources.[2]



    Newsella Article New World

    New World

    *Atlas p. 10-15

    *Mini-study of an explorer with a partner

    *Exploration lapbook

    Photos of Explorer Lapbook



    1.     Explain who the Vikings were and describe evidence of their early encounters with Native Peoples along the North American Atlantic coast.

    *Viking Packet

    Brainpop Video


    Female Vikings

    Articles about Vikings:

    Evidence of 1st Viking Settlement

    Evidence of 2nd Viking Settlement

    Girl Finds Pre-Viking Time Period Sword

    BBC Video Clips about Viking Artifacts in Europe


    1.  Trace on a map European explorations of North America and the Caribbean Islands in the 15th and 16th centuries (e.g., voyages of Vasco Nun͂es de Balboa, Jacques Cartier, Cristobal Colon [Christopher Columbus], Ferdinand Magellan, Juan Ponce De Leon, Amerigo Vespucci, Hernán Cortés), evaluate the reasons for the voyages, noting that they were part of an effort by European nations to expand their empires, find new routes for trade with Asia, new opportunities for colonization, and new natural resources; make a timeline of their landings and conquests. [3]

    Clarification Statement: Students studied New England explorers in grade 3.