• Guidance and Counseling Services

    The Duxbury Public Schools Guidance Department offers a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program which provides services that promote the academic, personal/social, and career/college potential of its students. Counselors work with students to foster independence, life-long learning, personal and civic responsibility, and the ability to navigate an ever-changing world. While students are the primary focus of the counselors, positive relationships with families, teachers, and administrators are also crucial to the success of the program. 

    Counselors provide academic counseling by monitoring progress reports and report cards of students, participating in various teacher/team meetings, reviewing standardized testing, facilitating course selection meetings, and monitoring student progress toward promotion and graduation requirements.  Counselors communicate regularly with teachers in order to ensure that students are reaching their academic potential.  Guidance counselors encourage students to consider programs of study, courses, extracurricular activities, and occupational opportunities based on their individual interests, abilities, and skills.

    Students are encouraged to meet with Guidance Counselors to talk about any issues that may arise personally or socially. Portions of the developmental guidance curriculum are infused into the classroom through counselor led lessons on topics such as relationships, bullying, peer pressure, and other relevant social topics. At the elementary and middle school level, students also have the opportunity to participate in lunch groups which help teach social skills. Counselors are trained to provide mediation and crisis intervention as necessary. They coordinate the 504 process and monitor the implementation of the 504 plans. Counselors also serve as members on building student assistance/support teams, which meet to share information and develop strategies to meet the specific needs of individual students. Guidance counselors can also make appropriate outside referrals as necessary.

    At each school level, counselors provide transition services to assist students as they move on to the next level of their academic journey. Students also explore their skills and talents in a variety of ways and begin to think about what they plan to do after graduation from high school. At the high school, students and counselors use Naviance to explore post graduation options and careers. There are also parent information sessions on college and post graduate planning and financial aid.  

    Any student or family who wishes to meet with their guidance counselor individually should make an appointment in advance by contacting the Guidance Office or counselor specifically. However, in an emergency students and families should feel free to come in and see the counselor without an appointment. At the high school, guidance counselors each work one flex day (11am-6pm typically) to accommodate appointments. All counselors can be contacted via email or phone. Since most of a counselor’s time is spent working with students, it may take up to 24 hours to receive a return call or email. 

    Duxbury Public Schools provides guidance services to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, homelessness, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.