Within the Duxbury High School Athletic program, young people learn the values associated with discipline, performing under stress, teamwork, sacrifice, commitment, effort, accountability, citizenship, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership, organizational skills, participating within rules, physical well being and healthy lifestyles, striving towards excellence, and many other characteristics that come quickly to the mind of any educator. If interscholastic athletics are to be justified as school activities, then values such as these must be the priorities of every program. Ethics, playing within the spirit of the rules, and good sportsmanship (which is good citizenship) must be woven into the fabric of the high school athletic program.

    Building self-esteem and self-confidence is an ongoing process, used in both games and practices. Through this process Duxbury High School coaches challenge and develop players, both technically and emotionally, in a positive manner, using both praise and constructive criticism. Coaches are encouraged to make praise personal, criticism impersonal.

    As members of the Duxbury High School athletic program, students and coaches are expected to demonstrate proper respect for each other, other teams and coaches, teammates, officials, spectators and equipment.

    On the junior varsity and freshman level, the purpose of the athletic program is to develop the individual athlete to his/her fullest potential. Participation and the development of individual proficiency in a sport will be cherished above the pursuit of winning games. The number of program participants must allow the coach to ensure reasonable participation.

    Coaches on the varsity level will make a strong effort to play all team members, but the emphasis at the varsity level shifts towards fielding competitive teams with the goal of achieving the highest level of competitiveness. . This emphasis may result in uneven playing time among the athletes, with some students not playing in every game. The coach makes the often-difficult decisions on who starts, who plays, and for how long.