• Middle School Jazz Group Obligations 

    There will be two after-school Jazz groups formed in the Fall. These groups will be decided by audition and populated accordingly.

    The Junior Jazz Band will meet after school on Tuesday’s from 2:50 – 3:50 in the Band Room

    The Junior Jazz Club will meet after school on Thursday’s from 2:50 – 3:50 in the Band Room

    Attendance is required at all rehearsals for the Junior Jazz Band and Junior Jazz Club. 

    Attendance is also required for all Performances:

    Check the Duxbury Music Calendar for specific concert dates

    Junior Jazz Club @ 6thGrade Winter Concert 

     Junior Jazz Band @ 7th & 8th Grade Band Winter Concert

    Junior Jazz Band & Junior Jazz Club @ All Band Night Concert

    Junior Jazz Band @ 7 & 8th Grade Spring Concert

    Junior Jazz Club @ 6th GradeSpring Concert


    Rules and Regulations – Attendance will be taken every week at Rehearsal

    • Your own music is needed at every Rehearsal and concert.
    • If you need to miss a rehearsal, you must tell the director.
    • If you miss more than two rehearsals without valid excuse notes, you will be asked to leave the group. 
    • If you are late twice to rehearsal without a valid reason you will be given a warning, if it happens again you will be asked to leave the group. 
    • If you miss a performance without prior notification, you will no longer be in that group.
    • If you miss a dress rehearsal, you cannot play at the concert. NO EXCEPTIONS