Tips to Continue Throughout The Year

    1.  Use your agenda to record all of your assignments.
    2.  Complete your homework the night it is assigned even if you don't have that class the next day.  You will complete the work more quickly if it is closer to when you learned it from your teacher.
    3.  Ask for help when needed.
    4.  Stay after school with your teachers for extra help and before tests/quizzes so that you are sure that you are preparing correctly.  Your study habits are just starting to develop so use your teachers as you get used to preparing. 
    5. Use a big calendar at home so that you can write your assessments and long-term projects.  This will be a good tool to help you with time-management and breaking things up into small pieces. 
    6. Use your iLab time wisely.  
    7.  Be nice to each other.
    8.  Be kind for no reason.