Welcome to Chandler School

  • Dear Chandler Families, 

    I hope you are all doing well at home.  I am also home with my family and we are trying to stay busy with a mix of structure and free time.  

    I am reaching out today to let you know about our plan for maintaining learning and connections with each other while we are at home.  As you have heard from Dr. Antonucci in the past few days, our focus during this time is to make sure our students feel connected with their teacher and their school.  This is so important for all of us during this time.  We have developed a list of optional resources to help us achieve this goal. We have organized our list into the categories of Self, Body, and Brain, and have tried to provide resources for each area.  Please access the Duxbury Elementary Family Resources here.  This document will also be posted on the front page of the Chandler School website for easy access.

    Teachers are also eager to stay connected to their students.  Please look for communication from your teachers in the coming days. I have been and will continue to be in contact with teachers daily.

    Please feel free to reach out to me by email if you need anything.  I miss the students so much and will look forward to hearing from you.  In addition, if you have anything to share, please tag @chandlerschooldux on Instagram or @DuxChandler on Twitter!

    I can't wait until we are all back at school together.  Until then, stay healthy and enjoy your time with each other.



    School Hours - 9:10 - 3:25  

    Our school is a Preschool - 2 early childhood school.  We look forward to working with parents to meet the academic, emotional, social, and physical needs of their children.  We believe strong self-esteem is key to a happy child and the beginning of a successful school experience. We have high expectations for all children to develop as individuals, respect others, and build a solid knowledge base of skills and learning strategies. 



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