• DHS Jazz Bands

    There are two Jazz groups at Duxbury High School; the Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz band.  Both are formed in the Fall within the first few weeks of school. These groups will be decided by audition, and populated accordingly, once those jazz bands are formed no other students are allowed admission unless absences of other needs require additional musicians. The Jazz Ensemble meets Tuesday evening from 6:00 – 7:30 and Jazz Band meets on Thursdays evenings from 6:00 – 7:30.

    Jazz audition materials are available at the end of school year in the spring for summer practice. Sign-ups for the Jazz bands will be posted on the first day of school for auditions in the first or second week of school

    DHS Jazz Obligations

    Rules and Regulations:

    • Attendance will be taken every week at Rehearsal.
    • Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances for the Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble.
    • Your own music is needed at every Rehearsal and concert.
    • If you need to miss a rehearsal, you must tell the director.
    • If you miss more than two rehearsals without valid excuse notes you will be asked to leave the group.
    • If you are late twice to rehearsal without a valid reason you will be given a warning, if it happens again you will be asked to leave the group.
    • If you are going to miss a concert for any reason you need to find a substitute for your part have that person attend the dress rehearsal.
    • If you miss a performance without prior notification, you will no longer be in that group.
    • If you miss a dress rehearsal, you cannot play at the concert. NO EXCEPTIONS