• 6th Grade Orchestra

     Dear Parents and Students,

             We believe it is very important for both students and parents to understand the requirements, guidelines, and grading policies for the 6th grade orchestra.  Orchestra is a performance based class, with homework involving practice.  Each student will be responsible for the following:

              Students are required to attend one SGI lesson per week or private lesson.  It is important for students to receive instruction on their own individual instruments, because Orchestra rehearsals are used for ensemble instruction NOT instrumental technique.  SGI lessons are small group instruction lesson that are provided in school, during their lunch/ recess lasting 20-25 minutes.  Private lessons are taken outside of school, and allow students to have one-on-one instruction with a teacher who is an expert musician on their particular instrument.  The individual attention and instruction with a professional is extremely beneficial to the growth and development of the student musician. ****25% of the student’s grade is based on SGI attendance or private lesson attendance.****

    Students in Private lessons:

              Students who choose to take private lessons must return a signed form where you will choose between SGI or private lessons.  If this form is not returned, students will be automatically enrolled in an SGI lesson.  Every quarter students will be required to hand in a private lesson evaluation form filled out by their private teacher.  If the evaluation form is not returned by the end of the quarter, students will receive an “incomplete grade”.  A list of recommended teachers will be provided to students on the first day of class.   

    Course Requirements:
    • Bring instrument, music folder and book to every Orchestra rehearsal.  Students will not be able to participate in rehearsal if they forget their instrument.
    • Attend all night concerts and performances. Dates are provided below.

             Concert dress for men is nice shirt and tie, nice pants, nice shoes. NO sneakers, jeans, sweatpants, hats, etc…….

             Concert dress for women is nice dress/skirt or nice pants/shirt, nice shoes. NO sneakers, jeans, flip-flops or skirts above the knee.

    • PRACTICE!!!  Students should be practicing a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 3-4 times a week. 
    • Two or three playing auditions
    • Class participation, positive attitude, excellent behavior and students’ best effort.
    • Grading = 65% Class Observation, 25% Lessons/SGI/Play Checks, 10% Concert Attendance

    Rules that apply to class participation are:

    • Arrive on time to class!
    • Never leave the classroom without asking for a pass
    • All instruments belong on the shelves in the Orchestra room or auditorium- NOT the floor!
    • Most importantly, always be respectful of yourself, others and your school.

    Students are expected to come to class ready to rehearse:

    • Always have a pencil to mark your music
    • Practice, Practice, Practice!!
    • Keep your instrument in good condition (clean, strings, rosin etc…)
    • Raise your hand for questions, and remain quiet during rehearsals
    • Bring your very best effort and attitude to every rehearsal!
     Maria Varonko mvaronko@duxbury.k12.ma.us