• 7th & 8th Grade Green Orchestra 

    The Green Orchestra is made up of students in the 7th and 8th grade. Green Orchestra is the natural progression for students from the sixth grade orchestra.  Students in the Green Orchestra who do not take a private lesson must participate in the school lesson program that meets during the orchestra class.  

    General Rules: No homework/book reading during rehearsal.
    Never leave the classroom without asking
    Put your instrument in its locker….. not on the floor
    Students are expected to come to class ready to rehearse – this means: Spend time out of class on the music being rehearsed
    Bring a Pencil
    Keep your instrument in good working condition
    Always put forth your best effort
    Have a supportive and positive attitude towards the music and each other
    Wait quietly while other sections are working
    Do not talk while the conductor is speaking
    In sectionals, listen to the section leader
    Have an open attitude towards music that is unfamiliar
    Forgetting your instrument means you cannot participate in class and it will affect your grade.You are graded on your effort, playing, and participation. Talking, being disruptive, missing entrances, not playing, etc… will affect your grade.There is no chewing gum, food, or cell phones allowed in class.
    60% is based on daily assessment: effort, playing of music, attitude and participation
    30% is based on playing checks of the rehearsal music and quizzes
    10% is based on performance in the concert
    Sam Schmetterer                                                                     Maria Varonko                                                  
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