• Silver Band

     Dear Parents and students:

                We believe it is very important for parents to understand the requirements, guidelines, and grading policies for the 7&8th-grade band.  Band is a performance-based class.  Although students will not have “homework” every night, they will be responsible for the following:

    Attend one private lesson a week.  50% of the student’s grade is based on private lesson attendance. 

    The private lesson is the only instruction your son/daughter will receive that will teach them the necessary skills to be successful in band.  In band, we are teaching ensemble skills, not individual instrument technique.

    Students must turn in their signed band expectation form by the end of the second week of school  

      Every quarter students will be required to hand in a private lesson evaluation form filled out by their private teacher. 
    Students will receive an incomplete grade until the form is turned in.  A list of recommended professional and high school private teachers will be handed out the first day of class.

    1. Attend the weekly after school rehearsal.  Rehearsals are every Monday from 2:50-3:30.  This is a requirement of Silver Band.  Students who miss 2 after school rehearsals, unless absent from school, will take a lower grade for the quarter.  

    2. Bring their instrument, music, and Essential Elements Book 2 to all band rehearsals.  Students who frequently forget their instrument, music, or book will receive lower daily grades.
    3. Attend all night concerts. Students who are absent from a performance for any reason shall be required to submit a missed concert assignment.

    Concert Dress for 7th & 8th grade students at all concerts is nice Black Pants and White Tops

    4. Practice -  Practice is also monitored through student’s progress on various auditions during the year.  Students in Silver band should be practicing at least 30 minutes five days a week.

    5. Two to four playing auditions- 2 scale tests

    6. Class participation, attitude, and effort are also monitored during rehearsal.

    Rules that apply to class participation are:

    *Arrive at class on time!

    *Never leave the classroom without asking for the pass

    *Use your locker appropriately. Keep it locked!
    *Only percussionists may use the percussion instruments

    Students are expected to come to class ready to rehearse…this means……..

    *Spend time out of class on the music being rehearsed

    *Keep a pencil in your music folder

    *Keep your instrument in good working condition

    *Always put forth all your effort

    *Have a supportive and positive attitude towards the music and each other

    *Wait quietly while other sections are working

    *Do not talk while the conductor is speaking     

    *Have an open attitude towards music that is unfamiliar :-)



    Jill Noerenberg, Matt Collins     

    Band Directors