•  Concert Band

    The Concert Band is one of three bands at Duxbury High School.

    The Concert Band is a non-auditioned group that is open to all band students in the high school.                                                                                                    

    Concert Band Grading & Obligations

    Welcome to the Duxbury High School Concert Band. Below are the grading and format of the class.  This page clearly outlines the grading procedure for Concert Band and the obligations that need to be met.  Basic grading for every term will be based on the following criteria:

    • 25% Concert Performance
      There will be one or two concerts per term. Awards Night, Graduation & Memorial Day also count as concerts. Concerts are an integral part of being a performer and this experience cannot be recreated, therefore attendance is mandatory.  The only excuse for missing a concert in a doctor’s note. Alternate assignments will be required for any missed concerts
    • 20% Auditions
      Students are required to complete 3 to 4 auditions during the year. This grading is based on effort, performance, and completion. Recorded auditions must be done outside of class time and either emailed to the teacher or submitted on CD before the due date.
    • 25% Classroom Behavior/Attitude
      Students must be quiet and respectful to the learning environment. Students are expected to play when they are required, and listen quietly when they are not. Students are asked to be respectful to the music and the other students in the class. This grade is also based on the rules and regulations below.
    • 10% Progress
      Through a combination of class performance, class observations and auditions; students will be graded on their musical growth.  Music growth is defined by a student's progress on their technique and musicianship.
    • 10% Practice/check-ins
      Students are required to submit a practice record/check in every term.  This will also factor into their musical growth.
    • 10% Music/Instrument Checks
      There will be sporadic music checks and constant observation. Students must always have their folders, music, a pencil and their instruments in proper working condition.

    **All percentages are current grade estimates while new curricula are being implemented


    Students are expected to attend all concerts and performances as stated in the schedule.

    Please see Music Handbook for other specific attendance policies.

    Students are expected to come to class prepared with music and instrument.

    Rules that are simple but important:

    • No homework/book reading during rehearsal…not on the stand or floor
    • You can NOT eat/drink prior to rehearsal or performance…for you horns sake.
    • Never leave the classroom without asking permission.
    • Put your instrument in the instrument room….. not on the floor….or wherever.
    • Do not play with percussion equipment unless you are a percussionist
    • This is a curricular class, work or sports games are not an excuse.
    • Your grade depends on your performance; you must play every class and all concerts.
    • Your instrument and music are needed at every rehearsal and concert.
    • Take your cell phone off your stand.  You have time before and after class to check your messages.

    Students are expected to come to class ready to rehearse – this means:

    • Spend time out of class on the music being rehearsed
    • All students need a pencil for every class.
    • Keep your instrument in good working condition
    • Always put forth all your effort.  Talking, being disruptive, missing entrances, not playing, etc… will affect your grade.
    • Have a supportive and positive attitude towards the music and each other
    • Wait quietly while other sections are working
    • Do not talk while the conductor is speaking
    • In sectionals, listen to the section leader
    • Have an open attitude towards music that is unfamiliar


    • There will be folder checks to make sure everyone has their music every day, all parts must be covered at every rehearsal and all music must be handed in at the end.
    • Forgetting your instrument or having broken instruments means you cannot participate in class and it will affect your grade.
    • There is no chewing gum, food, or cell phones allowed in class.

    Class Objectives

    1. Perform in 7 concerts with quality performance protocols.
    2. Rehearse efficiently and properly every class to achieve those protocols.
    3. Understand the musical terminology and execute them properly in performance.
    4. Understand our civil and community functions as it pertains to band performance.

    Concert: (See Calendar for Dates)

    Fall Band Concert – Concert Dress needed by this date

    Holiday Concert

    All Band Night

    Spring Concert

    Awards Night Concert

    Memorial Day


    To subscribe to the music department calendar, go to the music page on the Duxbury School Website and click Music Department Calendar on the left side. The direct link is here

    On the bottom right of the calendar, click the icon to add this calendar to your Google Account. You can then sync this to your phone's calendar.

    All classroom or grading inquiries should be directed to JPondaco@duxbury.k12.ma.us  or MCollins@duxbury.k12.ma.us

    Duxbury Music Department Cell Phone Policy

    Cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited from the rehearsal and are not to be brought into the rehearsal room. Although there will be certain activities where the use of electronic devices will be appropriate, students who are using electronic devices in a rehearsal are disengaged and not contributing to their best to the entire ensemble, as outlined by the expectations. If a student is using a cell phone or other electronic device during a rehearsal, the following consequences will occur: 

    First consequence: Cell phone / Electronic Device will remain in possession of the teacher for the remainder of the class period, and 25% will be deducted from the daily participation grade. 

    Second consequence: Cell phone / Electronic Device will remain in possession of the teacher for the remainder of the class period, and 50% will be deducted from the daily participation grade.

    Third consequence: Cell phone / Electronic Device will remain in possession of the teacher for the remainder of the class period, and 50% will be deducted from the daily participation grade. The student will be written up.

    Points to remember

    • Concert Dress needs to be acquired before the first concert.  These should be purchased at least 3 weeks before the concert to allow for fitting, tailoring, and delivery.
    • All auditions, with the exception of the first one, are required to be recorded at home or at school as homework, on your own time, and submitted on digital media or online.   Always do your recording well before the due date, as you will run into technical problems if you wait until the last minute.
    • Instruments – You need your instrument every day.  We have no instruments here for you to use.  If you do not have your instrument in class, you cannot play and will lose credit for that day.  Your instrument must be in proper working order, why should you make playing an instrument harder than it already is.  Be careful with it and make sure it is properly cared for.
    • Concerts – All concerts are mandatory.  You must perform in and stay to watch every concert your group is in.  You can only be excused from a concert for standard school accepted reasons.  A valid note must accompany your absence.
    • Scales – You are required to play all 13 scales every semester, 13 1-8va scales in the first semester, and 13 2-8va scales in the second semester.
    • Your mid-term and final will consist of a written vocabulary test.