• Always be Prepared for an Emergency

    • Keep your child’s Emergency Contact Information up-to-date. You will be prompted to update this information in the “Back to School Student Information Update” requested every fall. At any other time, notify the school immediately of changes to your telephone number, email address, or adult emergency contacts. Your child will only be sent home with adults listed as Emergency Contact. Consider these things when choosing adults for your Emergency Contact:

      • The contact is 18 years or older;

      • The contact is usually at home or is available during the day;

      • The contact could walk or drive to school, if necessary;

      • The contact is aware they are designated as an emergency contact and is willing to take on this responsibility;

      • Your child knows the contact well.

    • Talk with your child about listening and following directions during an emergency. Student dismissal and evacuation procedures are outlined on this page. We routinely review emergency procedures with our students, and you can reinforce that information at home by reviewing the information with your child. 


    Please call your child's school office to change or update your Emergency Contact information.