• School Closings

    The most common cause of school delays and closures is inclement weather.  The decision to cancel school is made after consultation with the Duxbury Department of Public Works (DPW), Duxbury Police Department, Duxbury Fire Department, and First Student, our bus transportation company. Superintendents from surrounding towns are also contacted as we evaluate our district’s options. The most important consideration in the decision is the safety of our students. 

    Where does the information come from that is used to make decisions about severe weather conditions and school closings?
    If ice or significant snow is expected overnight, we carefully monitor forecasts. At approximately 4:00 AM, the superintendent gathers information on the road conditions from the DPW and consults with police, fire, and First Student, our bus transportation company.

    What factors are considered when making the decision to delay opening or close schools?
    If snow accumulation is already impacting, or expected to impact roads, a full-day cancellation is likely. If snow ends early and crews need time to clear roads and school parking lots, a two-hour delay is more likely. Several factors are considered in this decision:

    • Information on road conditions from DPD and DPW staff that are plowing, sanding, and shoveling,

    • The amount of snow on the ground or ice on the roads

    • Weather forecasts for snow accumulation and/or other severe conditions,

    • Power outages and downed power lines prevent safe passage,

    • Availability of buses (bus yard cleared, buses will start,

    • Conditions of school grounds (parking lots and walkways cleared.),

    • Building conditions (availability of heat and lights), and

    • Temperature and wind chill.

    The ability to safely transport students to and from school is the primary determinant for closing schools.  As we have outlined, that decision is made based on input from town officials and professionals who are committed to the safety of our students. 

    Who makes the final decision?
    The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for the final decision based on the above-mentioned factors. 

    Notification Procedures?

    District website

    School Messenger notifications via Email, text, and phone messages announcing delay or cancellation

    Local Boston news channels

    WATD Radio, WBZ Radio

    District Social Media (Twitter: Duxbury Schools @DuxSchools, Facebook & Instagram Duxbury Public Schools)