I can't wait to meet you!

Back-To-School Supplies

  • I can't wait to meet you!

    Your checklist for important supplies for my class:

    ___A SIMPLE ONE-INCH-WIDE, three-ring binder with NO paper in it. This will hold your poetry papers in school. We will add poetry pages to it as we go through the year.

    ___ONE BASIC pocket folder – you will keep this folder in school to hold your unfinished work. (You will be getting a “Dragon Folder” from me for taking homework, corrected papers, and notes back and forth from home to school.)

    ___A whiteboard marker and eraser

    ____headphones for when we are using computers – headphones that have a sturdy headband hold up the best and don’t get tangled up and break the way earbud cords do.

    ____a beach towel for you to sit on when we work outside

    ____IF you are CURRENTLY reading a chapter book independently at home, and you would like to read it in school also, please bring it to school.