• Trick Words: K-2

    Trick Words: K-2

    This is a list of all the trick words we teach at Chandler through the FUNdations phonics program. Trick words are words that are difficult to sound out because they do not always follow the standard phonics patterns. It is helpful to memorize these. Trick words are often referred to as sight words.

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  • Lexia


    This is a phonics based app that track's a student's progress and tailors activities for the areas where the student needs the most support. This app is the most bang for your buck!

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  • Reading A-Z

    Reading A-Z

    This website provides short books at a student's reading level. At the end of the story, the student must then answer 80% of comprehension questions correctly before moving on to the next story. They can earn point and create avatar's with them for extrinsic motivation!

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  • Starfall


    Free, engaging, short phonics activities for students in preschool through grade 3. No teacher login information is needed.

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