• Week of January 30th 


    Phonics:  Trick Words (America, school, thought), Words of the Day (sway, complain), ai and ay-"D" Syllable, combining D syllables (complain, remain), Storytime-Cursive Letters  

    Reading: Galimoto, readers give evidence for what they question before they read, readers use character thoughts, actions, and points of view, as well as illustrations to make inferences, readers compare and contrast two stories to make connections (Bernardi from Babu's Song and Kondi from Galimoto), The Polar Bear Son, readers give evidence for what they question before and after reading  

    Writing: Weekend News,  Galimoto response questions, editing checklist-C.O.P.S., edit and share stories, If I Had $100...

    Books We Enjoyed: Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the WeatherGregory's ShadowWake Up, Groundhog!The 100th Day of School


    9-1 Understand Hundreds

    9-2 Models and 3-Digit Numbers

    9-3 Name Place Values

    100th Day

    Science/Social Studies

    Continents and Oceans

    Groundhog Day