Childrens Mental Health

    May 2-8, 2021

    "Flip the Script on Mental Health"


    The Duxbury Selectmen issued a proclamation recognizing Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.  Click here to read it.  

    Each Day this week Duxbury Public Schools will focus on providing information via email and the website to students and families as a way to change the stigma attached to mental health. Follow us on Twitter @DuxGuidance for updates as well.


    Monday, May 3

    “Move it Monday” - music, meditation, movement

    Resource/Activity Sheets: Mindful Walking 


    Physical Activity and Mental Health




    Soundtrack to your life


    Tuesday, May 4

    “Talk about it Tuesday” - resources will be provided around support groups and therapists.  Families are encouraged to use some time on Tuesday to “check in” with their children and ask how things are going.  

    Social Support Worksheet 


    Jay Shetty


     Improve your resilience

    Wednesday, May 5

    “Write about it Wednesday” - resources will be provided on how to journal, write poems, lyrics, or draw pictures etc as a way to express feelings and also provide a brain break.  

    Gratitude Journal Instructions & Prompts

    Thursday, May 6

    “Think about it Thursday” -  articles, statistics, changing the opinion of mental health stigma will be provided as opportunities to think about this topic differently.  

    Friday, May 7

    “Face it Friday” - We are asking that everyone wear green in schools and community to promote resiliency and start the conversation about mental health importance.  Let’s show unity in support while we change the way we look at mental health.  


    May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the theme for 2021 Mental Health Awareness Month “You are Not Alone”

    Other Events in May (for month theme):


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