• Passport Club

    Passport Club is a geography enrichment program that provides a foundation in global literacy and inspires curiosity about the world. Students study the locations of countries and take an online test each month. Depending on the level they choose, by the end of the year they will have learned many, or all, of the countries of the world! Students enjoy the program more, gain confidence and develop a strong curiosity to learn about the world if they practice regularly and learn something about the countries they’re studying. 



    Who:  Passport Club is offered to all Alden students as an Alden PTA program. Some teachers will require students to participate and others will make the program optional. 

    What:  A monthly geography enrichment program that teaches students the names and locations of up to 30 countries per month. Students choose the level of difficulty each month and study for a multiple choice quiz to assess their knowledge. Each student will have a book that resembles an actual passport to record his or her mastery of the locations. Students will decorate their passport with colorful stamps depicting the culture of the countries studied. The number of stamps awarded is determined by the number of locations identified. 

    Where: Typically the program is a one on one map check done during library class, but this year Passport Club is virtual. To access monthly quizzes, activities and maps go to the Alden PTA Passport Club website. Maps can be picked up at the Alden School Library or printed online from the Alden PTA Passport website with the password duxdragons.

    When:  The monthly quiz is open for approximately one week out of the month. Students can study using maps and study materials througout the month. 


    1. Passport Club is a fun and easy way to learn about the world around us!
    2. Students in 6th grade are required to learn the countries of the world so Passport Club gives them a jump start to mastering this knowledge. 
    3. An understanding of the world will help students better interpret news, culture and politics as well as inspire them to travel.

    Please email passportclub@aldenpta.org with any questions.