What do I need for school?

    Basic supply list:

    1 hard pencil case that can be wiped clean (no cloth).  Please write your child’s name clearly on the top of the pencil case.

    1 Individual pack of crayons

    1 pair of student scissors

    3 glue sticks 

    3 sharpened pencils

    1 pair of headphones to remain at school (over-the-ear preferred)


    Everyday items to remember:

    • Backpack large enough to carry a snack, lunch box, folder and other items such as, completed crafts and books.

    • One healthy snack and drink; we will have a snack daily in addition to lunch.  Please pack separately from lunch.

    • Lunch packed within a lunchbox so that it is easy to carry and contain.  

    • Water bottle which will be kept on the table throughout the day and brought to P.E.  We will encourage students to drink and refill if needed throughout the day.
    • Green communication folder; please send this green folder back and forth to school each day.  Remember to check it daily as this will be a helpful source of communication between the teacher and families regarding homework, upcoming events, etc.      

    • If your child rides the bus, please have their bus ticket attached to the outside of his or her backpack.