•   Welcome to music class!

    gr5 concert 2015- 2016

    Mrs. Clemons

    General Music and Beginning Strings

    Hello Alden Musicians! 

    I miss you all and hope that you are all doing well while we are away from school. Each school day I am posting a fun music activity that you can do at home. If you'd like to see past activities of the day click the links on the left. Feel free to email me what you are doing musically at home or even just to say hello!      aclemons@duxbury.k12.ma.us

  • Activity of the Day!

    This final week of school will be all fun videos, books, and games! On the first day of music class I read you the book 'Because' by Mo Willems so today I want you to read it again. Think back to what we talked about in class about all the roles it takes to put on a music production and how powerful music is. Now think back to the hello song we sang that day "Gilly Good Morning" and sing it again today!

Because by Mo Willems

  • Activity of the Day


    Today's lesson is all about body percussion! You only need your hands to make music at home.

    1. Hambone- In a few of my zoom class visits I taught you how to hambone. It is fun, easy, and really impressive when you get the hang of it! Check out this website to learn how or use this video.

    2. Tables- The Kaboom percussion youtube channel has some super fun tutorials on making music with just your hands and a table.

    3. Musicnation- We've played the boomwhacker videos at school and now they have some fun home edition videos. Be creative and pick a different body percussion (snap, pat, clap, stomp) for each shape. You can also split up the parts and have a sibling at home join you with at home instruments (table, cans, pots, chopsticks etc.). Home editions include Alla Turka, Can-Can, and Hungarian Dance No.5


  • Activity of the Day


    Homemade instruments!

    You don't need to buy an instrument you can make your own as you will see in the videos bellow. There is also a man who has invented over 200 instruments and created his own orchestra called the Anachestra. Enjoy!

  • Activity of the Day


    Music is all around you and the musical groups STOMP and Blue Man group are excellent examples. Enjoy!

  • Happy Last Day of School!

    Have a great summer!!!

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