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    This week we will be learning all about operas and musicals. When you think of opera you probaby imagine the singing so today we are focusing on just that singing!

    A great launching point is to watch the vocals brainpop linked here.

    brain pop dear tim and moby

    There are four basic categories of singers, soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

    soprano alto tenor bass

    opera singing styles

    There are two main types of singing in an opera, and they are used for different purposes. 

    Recitative is narrative talk-singing with the emphasis on the words to move the storyline along. These are not songs with memorable melodies and rich accompaniment, but more like spoken lines put to a simple, one-note repeated melody to say something important that is happening in the plot of the opera. 

    Aria, on the other hand, is a reflective song with melody and accompaniment that portrays the feelings of the characters more than plot development. These are the memorable songs with rich melodies and accompaniments that emphasize the feelings and expressions of the character rather than the storyline itself. (definitions credited to study.com) 

    Want to meet an opera singer? Check out this fun video Kids Meet an Opera singer.

    If you want to learn more about the fancy science of sound behind singing check out this TedTalk "What’s a squillo, and why do opera singers need it?" by Ming Luke


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    What are the elements of an opera?

    Yesterday we learned about singing but there are many elements that make up an opera. These elements include but aren't limited to an opera house, libretto, musical score, orchestra, chorus, conductor, director, choreographer, costume designer, set designer, prop master, lighting technicians, and of course opera singers. 

     What is an opera info

    A super fun way to learn about opera is playing the game: Hansel and Gretel build your own Opera. (Just a heads up you need adobe flash inorder to play. For me it only works in my safari browser.)

    design you own opera game

    hansel and gretel plot

     Another great way to learn about the elements that make up an opera is to enjoy the book "The Dog that Sang Opera".

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    Today we are learning about opera through fun picture books! The books I've choosen teach you about opera and they showcase excellent opera music. Feel free to pick and choose from the books below.

    1. "A Soup Opera" by Jim Gill, illustrated by David Moose : A story about a man, a bowl of soup, and the man's comically frustrating quest to eat that soup.

    a soup opera book cover

    2. "Opera Cat" by Tess Weaver, illustrated by Andrea Wesson : The story of Alma, the cat who just wanted to sing opera like her owner

    opera cat book cover

    3. "Encore Opera Cat" by Tess Weaver, illustrated by Andrea Wesson.

    4. "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss music composed by Robert Kapilow

Opera book list

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    Opera in everday life

    Opera has a very long history and is still relevent today. Explore this opera timeline and the array of handpicked videos below. (My favorite has to be Babatunde Akinboboye's hip hopera. It's like nothing you've every heard before it is opera meets hip hop.)

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    Just to review "An opera is like a play in which the characters sing all their lines. Opera singers do not use microphones, their voices are trained, and can fill a whole theater with sound without any amplification. All operas have solo singers and an orchestra and a lot of operas have a chorus, too. Operas have been written in many different languages, including English."- (classics for kids). Many opera singers have been hailed as celebreties and as kid I remember my parents listening to the Three Tenors. To wrap up the week here are some opera podcasts and videos featuring famous operas, opera composers, and opera singers.

    1. Watch and hear the top 10 most well loved opera singers.

    2. Listen to this classics for kids podcast titled "What's Opera" and learn about the famous opera composer Giuseppe Verdi.

    3. Listen to this podcast and learn about the famous opera composer Giacomo Puccini.

    4. You can watch a full opera by The Metropolitan Opera becasue they offering free streaming operas for kids

    5. Dive deeper into opera and read about the history through this website's opera for kids facts.

    6. Watch clips from some famous opera below including Mozart's The Magic Flute, Humperdinck'sHansel and Gretel, Leos Janacek's The Cunning Little and Massenet’s Cendrillon (Cinderella).