• Board Members and Committee Chairs

    The Alden PTA is a group of parent volunteers that work together with the school’s administration, teachers, and staff to enhance the educational experience of our children by coordinating academic enrichment and staff appreciation activities at Alden Elementary School.

    Please contact us at aldenpta@gmail.com if you are interested in a position with the PTA! We welcome new volunteers! Please note, Board members serve for two years and have a vote on budget items, programs and grants requests, etc.

    Alden PTA meetings are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 1 pm - 2 pm in Room 102. 

    Board Positions
    Two Year Commitment
    Voting Position

    2020 - 2022

    Oversee and organize Alden PTA programs and initiatives. 

    Sherri Hussar

    Keep PTA Meeting minutes and post online. Maintain by-laws and PTA documents. Assist with PTA initiatives.

    Time Commitment: 3 hours a month or more.

    Cathy Leitner
    Create budget for school year. Process incoming payments. Write checks for expenses. Balance checkbook. Experience with QuickBooks preferred. Can be done remotely.

    Time Commitment: 3 hours a month or more.

     Jen Quinn

    VP of Fundraising
    Organize and assist with fundraising initiatives. Research new ways to raise funds. Attend PTA meetings. 

    Time Commitment: 5 hours a month or more

    Meghan Aylward
    VP of Communications 
    Collect information for and write bi-weekly Alden PTA Newsletter. Maintain social media websites. Assist with PTA initiatives and attend Alden PTA meetings. 

    Time Commitment: 5 hours a month or more.

    Corey Wisneski
    VP Programs
    Coordinate academic enrichment programs and presentations sponsored by Alden PTA. Assist with PTA initiatives and attend Alden PTA meetings.

    Time Commitment: 5 hours a month or more.




    Committee Chairs
    One Year Commitment

    2020 - 2021

    Apparel and Gear Sales Coordinator
    Manage online orders for apparel and gear. Maintain inventory. Make deliveries to school as needed.

    Time commitment: 2-3 hours/month. 

     Jen Litchfield


    Author Visits Chair
    Research, coordinate and schedule Alden School author visits.

    Time Commitment: 1-3 hours/month throughout the year. Must be present for author visits in the spring. Busiest time in the spring.

    Katie Kane



    Battle of the Books Co-Chairs
    Create Battle of the Books teams from registrations, host the Kick Off Party in fall, maintain Battle of the Books resources and organize Final Battles in spring.

    Time Commitment: 3+ hours/week in September/October. 3+ hours/week in March/April.

    Maggie Sanford and Alyssa Brymer  


    Birthday Books Coordinator
    Work with the librarian to process online birthday book orders and prepare books at the library to be given to students.

    Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/month at the library.

     Meredith Jefksi

    Book Fair Co-Chairs
    Correspond with book fair company to prepare for book fair. Set up book fair the week before. Attend book fair during the week of book fair to assist students and volunteers. 

    Time Commitment: 4 hours+/month to prepare. 20 hours the week of the book fair. 


    Janice Armstrong, Meredith Jefski and Tracey Fitzpatrick  

    Box Top Coordinator
    Collect and send in box tops

    Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/month. Can be done remotely.


    Bulletin Board Coordinator
    Design and maintain the Alden PTA bulletin board in the lobby.

    Time Commitment: 2+ hours a month as needed


    Class Parent Coordinator
    Help class parents to process volunteer and contact list information. Communicate PTA initiatives with class parents throughtout the year. 

    Time Commitment: Busiest in September/October 8+ hours/month. 1 hour/month rest of the year. 

    Shannon McIntosh and Erika Sheridan

    Dragon Dash Co-Chairs
    Oversee the Dragon Dash fundraiser. Maintain donation website. Coordinate and attend the Dragon Dash. Organize volunteers and students on day of Dragon Dash. 

    Time Commitment: Busiest in September leading up to Dragon Dash in October. 2+ hours/week. 


    Meghan Aylward and Danielle Bryan


    5th Grade Talent Show
    Oversee the Talent Show. Organize show submissions. Coordinate and attend the night of the show in March.

    Time Commitment: Busiest in February leading up to Talent Show in March. 2+ hours/week.


    5th Grade Girls' and Boy's Night Out Coordinators
    Organize presenters and plan the nights. 

    Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/week to plan up to events. 


    Kids Care Club Coordinator or Co-Coordinators
    Organize a community based after school activity for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to participate in three times a year.

    Time Commitment: 1-3 hours to plan activity. 1 hour for after school activity, 3 times/year. 


    Lietra Fitzsimons


    Membership Coordinator
    Maintain list of Alden PTA members. Welcome new members.

    Time Commitment: Busiest at beginning of school year and then 1 hour/month.

    Jessica Spagnoli

    Memory Book Coordinator
    Collect and organize pictures for the year-end Alden Memory Book. Deisgn memory book online.

    Time Commitment: 2-6 hours a week to design Memory Book starting in January to submit for publication in April. Can be done remotely. 

     Cathy Leitner 

    Passport Club Co-Coordinators
    Organize Passport Club at Alden School. Ideally co-coordinators.

    Time commitment: Map checks take place one week a month during library time for each class from September to May. Classes come in between 8 AM - 2 PM. A Passport Club Coordinator must be present or have an experienced volunteer to manage Map Checks. Geography knowledge is NOT required!


    Kristy Ladieu and Corey Wisneski


    School Picture Day Coordinator
    Organize Picture Day at Alden School and retake day.

    Time Commitment: 2+ hours/week at the beginning of school year and be present to organize volunteers, kids and photographers on Picture Day.

    Janice Armstrong

    Red Sox Game Family Night Coordinator 
    Organize yearly Red Sox game ticket sales and ticket distribution.

    Time Commitment: 3 hours a month in January to sell tickets and March to distribute tickets. 

     Rachel Sama

    Science Fair Breakfast and Concessions Coordinator
    Organize signups for breakfast and concessions. Arrive early to Science Fair to setup and maintain breakfast and concessions during Science Fair. Science Fair typically held in March.

    Time Commitment: 4+ hours the month before the fair to organize. 6 hours on the day of the Science Fair.

    Erika Sheridan, Karen Dumont and Lara Ferri 

    Staff Appreciation
    Organize staff appreciation efforts during school year including teacher appreciation meals during school hours, arranging for catering and/or food donations and coordinating volunteers as needed. 

    Time Commitment: 2+ hours a month at school plus 2+ hours a month organizing events remotely.

    Erika Sheridan, Karen Dumont and Lara Ferri 

    Supplies on Wheels Coordinator
    Collect and organize donations for Supplies on Wheels event. 

    Time Commitment: 2+ hours/week in January and February. 

    Erika Sheridan, Karen Dumont and Lara Ferri 

    Volunteer Coordinator
    Assist with scheduling all PTA program and event volunteers. Set up signups and check volunteer eligibility.

    Time Commitment: 1-3 hours/week. Busiest time September/October. Can be done remotely.

    Jen Litchfield


    Maintain and update website including online ordering, reports and access. Act as "Help Desk".

    Time Commitment: 1-5 hours/week. Can be done remotely.

    Sherri Hussar