• 5-29-30 Feliz viernes amigos y amigas. Today I have found another amazing link of activities for you to take advantage of. This is a collection of different resources related to "la ropa" including some matching, coloring, puzzels and more. Do what you want, print out the pages you like and have fun with all the options on the tons of page. Take a look at the link below and have a fantastic Friday. Hablamos lunes, adios.


    5-28-20 Buenos dias - today I have a short packet of options for you related to "la ropa" There are flashcards, a worksheet and some practice phrases for you to try out. Take a look at the document below and practice some vocabulary related to clothing. Have a great day and enjoy the nice weather.


    5-27-20 As the weather heats up and we start thinking about heading to the beach, outdoors and around the yard our clothing choices change. Today the topic of vocab is on SUMMER CLOTHING or "ROPA DE VERANO" and what you wear ¿qué llevas? Take a look at the image below and answer the questions about what you would wear during different circumstances. Have a great day!



    5-26-20 Hola chicos y chicas I am sure you loved having an extra day off to sleep in, hang out with family, not have school work. Today is supposed to be a great day so I hope you spend some time outside enjoying the weather. This week we are focusing on "la ropa" or clothing. Today I am sharing an image of our vocabulary for today and have a short activity with that voab. Have some fun with the game and enjoy your day. - Profe


    Matching Game

    5-22-20 El Imposible Rainforest in El Salvador is an amazing ecological are of our world. Today I am sharing a document that has pictures and short readings about the features and facts of this amazing place. Take a look and share you learning in the document below even if it is something you already knew you could share what was most interesting or suprising. Have a great Friday.

    El Imposible National Park

    Share Thoughts Here

    5-21-20 Buenos dias. It is looking like it is going to be a great day today and tomorrow. I hope you get outside and have some fun in the sun. I'm sorry that I'm a little later than normal with my daily activity. We had some hiccups here at Profe's house, but I have another jungle/rainforest/selva activity for you. This time it is a lot easier than yesterday. Look below at the infographic about "la selva" and identify the specific vocab words that you can understand and guess at the others. It is important that you use the images to help you out as well as cognates. It is a lot like yesterday's activity, but much easier and less reading. I think you will find the facts interesting as well. Have a wonderful day.


    Infographic 2 AMAZON

    Share vocab and facts here

    5-20-20 Hola y buenos dias. Seguimos con el tema de "LA SELVA" and toadys activity is challenging, but super cool. Below I have attached an image that shares some facts about the AMAZON. It is all in Spanish, but even though it is difficult I believe you can figure some of it out. Look at the images and clues around to help you decifer the information. Use cognates and see what you can comprehend from the infographic. Have a great day and share your thoughts in the document below. Hope to see you zooming soon. - PROFE



    Response/thoughts sharing

    5-19-20 Saludos chicos y chicas ¿cómo están? I hope you had a great start to your week. Today we will be continuing are look at "la selva" or the jungle with some follow up vocab and an activity that involves you identifying those vocabulary terms. There are images, but some are not as obvious as you may think. Take a look at answer the translations in the doc below. Have a great day and stay tuned for more "selva" activities tomorrow. 



    5-18-20 Hola y buenos dias chicos y chicas. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather. Both days were fantastic for getting outside and enjoying Spring "La primavera." This week our theme will be The Rainforest and I will share activities, info and vocabulary both in Spanish and in English to help you. Today I am sharing a virtual field trip video for you to watch. Nothing to answer or notes to take, just enjoy the video and see what you can learn that is NEW KNOWLEDGE. Have a great day and stay tuned for more "selva" rainforest facts and activities. 

    Virtual Field Trip to The Rainforest

    5-15-20 Feliz viernes amigos y amigas. I have uploaded a video and you can find the link below if you didn't see it on twitter or my youtube. It is about plants that I have around my house during "la primavera." My hope is that you can watch it and share some images, thoughts, ideas on the document below. Have a great day and wishing you all the best!



    5-14-20 La primavera is looking nicer and nicer each day. Yesterday I planted my tomatos and peppers and my little herb garden is looking better each day. Tomorrow I will share some pictures and some "vocabulario en vivo" of me telling you a little bit about the plants and my garden that I have. It is pretty small, but it will be fun because I can create a short video for you all. TODAY - we continue our vocabulario de la primavera with a new round of vocab. Today is insectos de la primavera...my mom would be so happy with me, she was a 2nd grade teacher forever and LOVES INSECTS. Check out the vocab and questions below. Have a great day!



    5-13-20 Buenos dias. Today we are continuing are look at "la primavera" or Spring and I have a short video for you. I am not able to embed it or share it like typical youtube videos, but I will put the link below for you. It has the lyrics/subtitles for you to read and it is in Spanish. I know you can understand most of it and it is only 2 minutes long. With it I am sharing a packet of different activities. You do NOT have to do all of them, but I would say choose 1 that you like and can do and try it out. They go with the spring topic and watching the video will help you for sure. So, take a look at the video and activities and do what you can then get outside and enjoy the sunshine.



    5-12-20 Hola chicos y chicas - Yesterady I was out because I had to go in an clean my room at Alden. It was very sad going in and not seeing or hearing any of you. I was lucky enough to see Mr. Backlund, Mr E and Mrs Whitiker so that was nice to say hi to them, but I would have really liked to see all of you. This week I wanted to concentrate on "SPRING VOCAB" so I am looking at vocabulary related to things that happen or we see in "La Primavera." I am sharing an image of the vocab and have a couple questions for you to answer if you click on the doc below. Have a great day!




    5-8-20 Ultimo día de animales - today I have 2 more images to share with you about "los animales" LOS ANIMALES DEL RIO & LOS ANIMALES DE AFRICA if you want to play a fun game, practice some vocab of all the animales I have put together a quizlet here. QUIZLET is a great tool for you to have some fun and practice vocab either by matching, flashcards or other tools. Los animales quizlet


    5-7-20 Comparamos animales - Today I am sharing two different images of vocabulary: animales del mar & animales del bosque ¿cuál es tu animal favorito? Do you see any of the animales around Duxbury? Which group do you like better animales del mar o animales del bosque?

    Take a look and add your comments below in the link about ¿Cuál es tu animal favorito? 



    5-6-20 El día del delfin. Today I am sharing a bunch of resources about DOPHINS. I have included some images, a video and hope you are able to determine what some of the vocabulary terms are. I know you can do it. The video is very complex, but I think you can have some fun watching it and STILL UNDERSTAND some of the information. If you can, please share any of your thoughts, ideas, questions or vocabulary terms you learned here with me. 

    delfin mar      delfin salta      delfin botes      delfin dientes      delfin espiraculo

    Dolphin video in Spanish


    Share your learning doc here  

    CINCO DE MAYO - Feliz cinco de mayo chicos y chicas. I love celebrating this with students and I'm so sorry we aren't able to be together today. I hope you have a great day and are able to find something fun to do between school activities. Here is my daily activity with lots of choices for your. CINCO DE MAYO ACTIVITIES - choose what you would like to do after reading the short passage to learn about what 5 de Mayo is really aboout. Que tengan un buen día.

    Cinco de Mayo Activities

    5-4-20 ¡Vamos a hablar sobre animales! This weeks theme is going to be centered around animals. I will be sharing different vocabulary and activities for you related to animals in our world. Today the focus is farm animals. This link will take you to the image of the farm animals vocabulary. It is interesting to see how different countries call different animals names. I have included a fun video that a few of you have seen in class about "el pollito pio" with this. My goal is for you to A. - see which animals are in the video on the list and whether their names are the same and B. - what sounds do those farm animals make IN SPANISH. YES - animals make different sounds in different languages. Isn't that crazy! Here is the link to the video of el pollito pio...remember it is just for fun so don't worry about the crazy tractor at the end hahaha. Have a great Lunes. You can email your work, ideas, responses here

    Vocabulary - farm animals

    Video - el pollito pio

    5-1-20 HAPPY MAY - FELIZ MAYO... Even though we can't be celebrating May together I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful, rainy day...ar at least making the best of it. Today I created a puzzle for you to have some fun trying to match up the pieces of this "casa" for our house/home vocab theme. It should be a nice brain break/fun activity to enjoy on this Friday. I hope you are all well and have a great weekend.

    La Casa Rompecabeza