• Activity of the Day!

    Strophic Form

    This week we will be learning all about form in music. FORM is the arrangement of sections of a musical composition. Types of form that we will cover include strophic (only an A section), AB, Ternary ABA, ABC, Rondo, rounds, call and response, and theme and variations. A song with a strophic form uses the same melody repeated over and over, with different text for each repetition. These songs sometimes tell a story like "Don Gato", "Austrian Went Yodeling", "Rattlin' Bog", "12 Days of Christmas" and many more. "Don Gato" and "An Austrian Went Yodeling" are always a third grade favorite song so I hope that you enjoy listening to and singing them today!

    Don Gato song

    Don Gato singing and lyrics youtube video


    Austrian went yodeling song

     An Austrian Went Yodeling fun song on youtube

  • Activity of the Day

     Today is our third day learning about the musical element form. FORM is the arrangement of sections of a musical composition. Today's musical forms are Ternary (ABA) and Rondo (ABACA). In both forms the music ends with the A section.

    ABA- "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins

    Supercal, youtube video with sing along lyrics


    supercal album cover

    ABA- "Never Smile At a Crocodile" from Peter Pan

    (the D.C. al Fine tells you to sing the A section again)

    Never Smile at a Crocodile song

    Never Smile at a Crocodile song  

    Rondo (ABACADAEA)- "Spring"- from the Four Seasons composed by Antonio Vivaldi

    Vivaldi's Spring youtube video with pictures

    Spring form- map by C. Bloom

  • Activity of the Day

    Happy Friday wonderful musicians! It is our last day of FORM. To review, form is the arrangement of sections of a musical composition. This week we covered strophic (only an A section), AB, ABA, ABC, rondo and rounds. Today we are wraping up our week with the form call and response. 

    call and response example

    Call and Response- "Tongo" 
    Tongo is a Polynesian work song used while rowing to help keep everyone together and help pass the time. In a call and response song the leader or group one sings one line and then a second group echoes them.

    A chorus performance of Tongo

    Awesome version of Tongo! See if you can sing the echo

    Tongo music


    Call and Response- "Hambone"

    What is hamboning? Is a way of making rhythm on our bodies without using an instrument. Learn to sing the song and how to handbone. Hamboning is super fun! Hambone song 

    Want to see some ridiculously impressive hamboning watch this video

    Learn how to hambone with this youtube video

    Hambone song


    Hambone lyrics


  • Bonus Activity of the Day!

    May 13th, 2020 is the famous musician Stevie Wonder's 70th Birthday!

    "Stevie Wonder went blind shortly after birth, grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and became one of the twentieth century’s most creative and influential musicians—an instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, musical innovator, and cultural activist."- Quincy Troupe

    My all time favorite song by Stevie Wonder is his hit "Superstition" so I encourage you to get up and dance while you listen to it!

    Here is a youtube video of Superstition from the videogame Just Dance 4

    If you'd like to learn more about Stevie Wonder here are two book recommendations:

    Little Stevie Wonder book cover

    Who is Stevie Wonder? book cover