• 4-30-20 Hola hola hola - ¿cómo están? Following our theme of house and home I have a great challenging activity for you today. This is a document that I used with Spanish 1 students, so it will be a challenge to see if you can take the vocabulary terms and label them on this document. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! You can access the document called la casa below. Do your best, take a picture of your completed work and share it back with me. Hablamos pronto



    4-29-20 Hola Alden, today I created a short video lesson for you on YOUTUBE. You can access the link to it here: DIBUJANDO CON PROFE. I am using it to help you draw and label using our 5 vocabulary terms about "la casa." We can have some fun and draw and label our houses in Spanish. When you are done you could snap a picture and share it with me to my email or on instagram or twitter so I can see how great you did!

    Dibujando con Profe

    4-28-20 Feliz martes amigos y amigas. I hope that you are having a great day today. I miss you all so very much. Today I am switching gears and going to try to stick with this theme for the rest of the week. It is about LA CASA/THE HOUSE so I will be adding activities and vocabulary related to house and home. Today I have a short interactive notebook style activity for you. You can access it here. It has some instructions and extra pages, because I can't seem to get it to save without those final ad pages, but it is a fun activity you could print, color, match the vocab with the pictures and even place them around your house to practice. If you have any questions please email me at any time or even send me a message on instagram or twitter. I am learning a bit on those social media platforms, but I'm still very much a noob. Take care and best wishes.

    La Casa Interactive Activity

    4-27-20 Bunas buenas chichos y chicas - I'm hopful that you had a great week away from remote learning and were able to take advantage of some great weather...well at times we had some nice weather. Today I have created an information activity on CHIHUAHA (kind of) it is actually on the Chihuahuan dessert in Northern Mexico and Southern United States. I have include the page link here. It has a short reading and a link to the Chihuahuan Desert Ecosystem page by The National Parks Service. I hope you enjoy and look for more geographical, cultural and language based activities soon. 

    Chihuahuan Desert

    4-17-20 ¿cómo está el clima? What is the weather link. Review weather expressions with this fun game of hangman on bookwidgets. Access the link here: hangman If that doesn't interest you check out many of the other activities that I have posted below. Have some fun with the videos I have shared and if the sun keeps shining try to get outside and do some fun activities outdoors. Remember Wednesday is earth day and try to talk your family into doing something great for our planet. Profe and his family are planning on picking up trash around our neighborhood on the roads. Stay safe and have a great day Alden!

    4-16-20 ¿Qué tal amigos y amigas? Hoy tengo un video para ustedes. I am sharing a video even though it isn't Monday with you. It is a reading of a short picture book and I have some questions to ask you about it below. It is all in Spanish, but very understandable and the title is part of my questions for you. If you can, share your answers with me, but if you don't want to you are welcome to simply watch the video and do the questions on your own. Enjoy.


    Watch the video here

    Será activity page

    sera activity

    4-15-20 Buenos días chicos y chicas. Today I have a Growth Mindset activity for your. I think it is a great opportunity for some fun self reflection. I have loaded a link to the documents here: -Spanish Version -English Version. I hope you take a look and see areas that you are doing well in growth mindset and areas you can improve in. I for one found some places that I think I can work on to improve. Please take a look at the video for some Spanish and English directions (and great language input) and have some fun trying to decipher the Spanish before accessing it in English. Here is the youtube link and the video is also uploaded to view here below!

    4-14 Hola amigos y amigas, ojala que les pasó la tormenta sin problemsa...oh sorry, sometimes I get excited and forget to keep it in English. Anyway, I hope that you made it through the storm without any issues and are all safe and sound in your homes. Today seems like it will be a beautiful day so hopfully you can get outside and do some activities. The activity I have for you today is a food/drink activity. Typically you would take this to the store and see what you buy, but I was thinking it would work best to just use at your house. It has a picture and the item in Spanish and it would be awesome if you could check off what you have in your home. I'm going to try to take a vidoe of myself doing it and show you want I have in mine. I will post it here as soon as I can. Have a wonderful day, access to print or use on an iPad the checklist here

     - Here is the link to the video for you to see what I found in my house: ¿Qué hay de comida y bebidas en la casa de Profe? Or scroll down and see it below!

    4-13-20 Feliz Lunes chicos y chicas I hope you had a great weekend and got some extra rest with Friday off. I am still hopful that we will see eachother soon, but while we are away I will continue to update you with fun and entertaining activities for you to try out your Spanish. Today I created a short matching activity with weather terms. I wrote the English and included an image with the Spanish to match up. Find it here! If you finish and want more check out below all the other videos and activities. I will add something new each day. I will continue to try to meet with you on zoom with your classroom teachers. If I haven't made it to you class yet ask your teacher to invite me and I would love to be part of it! Have a dry, safe and great Monday!


    4-9-20 Hola chicos y chicas. I hope you had a chance to check out the youtube video of my book read. If you didn't here is a link for it: PROFE READ FOR ALDEN. Today I created a puzzle for you, it isn't like a teacher puzzle it is an actual puzzle. I have created it and you can access it here. I will post a picture of what you are trying to make below so you have a guide. The best part is that it is a drawing by a famous artist from Spain. Can you guess who? After doing the puzzle take a guess here

    Don Quixote

    4-8-20 Hello everyone. I hope you had a great day with the sun and weather yesterday. I shared a video of the plans I had for the day. If you didn't get to see it check it out at the link below "what is profe doing today" it is fun. Today I did a book read for you and posted it on youtube and instagram. I think you will enjoy it, even though it is a little longer than normal. If you are able to pull any vocab from the reading, share them with me on the doc here. Sending my best wishes to you all. 


    4-7-20 Buenos días y espero que esten bien durante todo. Hoy va a ser un dia super bonito entonces salgan a jugar afuera, montar bicicleta o hacer algo en tu jardín. Oh sorry I guess I should update in English rather than Spanish, but I bet you can get a few of those ideas without looking them up, because you are super smart and know that there are some cognates and familiar words in there. Today I am including a video with a short response if you can to what my plan for the day is. I'm going to be talking in Spanish and asking if you can share what you think I will be doing in English on the doc here. Best of luck and have a great day!


     What is Profe doing today?

    4-6-20 Hola Alden amigos y amigas! I hope you had a good break from online school work sábado y domingo. The weather was finally nice and I was outside so I hope you were able to as well. I know things are hard to continue to work from home, but I know it is in our best  for the health of everyone, but I do miss seeing you each and everyday. Today I'm including an image with some frutas y verduras as well as a short writing to include what you "te gusta" y "no te gusta" Acess the doc here. Have a great day!


    frutas verduras abril some of these vocab words are unique to the country this is from...can anyone figure out which Spanish speaking country this image is from?



    4-3-20 Hello Alden! Writing this I am looking out my back window at the rain, wind and rather gloomy day that we have on this wonderful Friday. So, I am going to provide you a fun video that some of you may or may not have seen. Access this Sr. Wooly video here. As many of you remember I always ask you to use Spanish when asking to go to the bathroom so this is a good and funny practice for you. Best wishes, try to get outside even for a min and miss you all!


    4-2-20 I hope you had a chance to see the video "We miss you" If not check it out when you have a chance to see all your Alden teachers and staff members. Today I have an activity about weather and the countries that speak Spanish. I have attached it "here." You can download it and do as much as you can and share it with me or take a picture. I can't wait to see what you do. Have a great day!


    4-1-20 Buenos dias - I added a short video about fruits and vegetables this morning. I thought of sharing with you while I was making breakfast and figured I would just go for it. Here is the link to the video on youtube. Click "frutas y verduras" to access the doc and share some of your favorite frutas y verduras. Nos vemos