Online Learning Tech Help for Families

  • If your child needs to access Clever and/or Envision to do homework, you will need to keep the following in mind:

    • The first thing they will need to do is open a Chrome Browser. Every device can download the Chrome Browser if it is not native to the device.
    • They then need to log into THEIR school Chrome account on that Chrome Browser. Nothing will work if the browser isn't logged in as them. 
      • They know their username and password
    • Once logged into the browser, they need to open their Clever app which should be up in the menu bar next to the navigation window. As long as they were logged into their own Chrome browser, they may be automatically logged into Clever, but if not, they know those credentials, as well. Some students may be using the badge method to get in (they would have their badge with them)
    • Their various apps in the Clever dashboard will lead them to any online homework they need.
    • If their homework is in Savvas Realize (envision or elevate), they will click on the envision tile in Clever and enter their Savvas credentials there. They should know these and have a record of their passwords in their possession.