• What is G Suite for Education?

    G Suite for Education is a communication and collaboration solution hosted by Google. The Duxbury Public Schools manages a domain on Google's platform (duxbury.k12.ma.us). G Suite for Education provides our learning community with the ability for Duxbury students, faculty, and staff to create, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and through virtual meetings in real-time from anywhere in within a secure online environment. G Suite is akin to Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Every user in our domain is each given unlimited storage via Google Drive (like a flash drive in the sky).

    How is it used?

    G Suite for Education is used by students and teachers for academic purposes. Each user is able to store files and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time from school or from home within our Google domain "duxbury.k12.ma.us." The use of these tools is intended to provide an approved and secure environment and is completely separate from consumer Google accounts.

    What can my student/child do with G Suite for Education?

    Students will have easy access to their documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings within their own Google Drive account. Students in grades 6-12 are able to email each other and their teachers within the duxbury.k12.ma.us domain. As the use of Duxbury G Suite for Education continues, there may be other features that are added within G Suite for Education. You will be informed about any significant changes to the tools your student is using.

    How much is Duxbury Public Schools paying for this?

    G Suite for Education is free to the Duxbury Public Schools and is completely ad-free (unlike consumer Gmail accounts).

    How is my child going to use it?

    The use of Duxbury's G Suite for Education provides students with learning opportunities through collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical and computational thinking to foster greater learning. Because Duxbury's G Suite for Education is web-based, it can be accessed not only from school — but anywhere, students can access their learning activities anywhere. 

    How does my child access their Duxbury G Suite for Education account?

    With teacher guidance, a student first activates their G Suite for Education account (usually as a newly enrolled student) and sets their password from a computer at school. Once the student has an active account, they can go to drive.duxbury.k12.ma.us and log in using their school email address (firstnamelastname@duxbury.k12.ma.us) and password. Please note: students in grades K-5 don't have access to school email via Gmail, the email address is used purely to access their Google Drive account.

    Will my child be required to access G Suite for Education at home?

    The instructional use of Duxbury G Suite for Education by teachers is required. Since G Suite for Education is accessible from any device with access to the Internet, your child does have the opportunity to log into their Duxbury G Suite for Education account from home to access their information or work on their documents and collaborate on shared documents with other students and/or their teacher. Homework will be determined by each teacher.

    My child already has a Gmail account, why can't they use that one?

    Duxbury Gmail is one of the applications offered to students in grades 6-12. It is required for students to collaborate with each other in shared activities and with their teachers. A consumer Gmail account is not viable for in-school use and cannot be accessed on student-issued Chromebooks.

    Do these apps work on an iPad or other tablet?

    G Suite for Education may be accessed on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. In many cases, the mobile web browser on smartphones or tablets is sufficient, although users can install G Suite-specific apps from either the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

    Can parents use it?

    Currently, only Duxbury school employees and Duxbury students can access Duxbury's G Suite for Education instance.

    Can I see what my child is doing in G Suite for Education? Will there be a parent portal account?

    Unlike Aspen, there is not a Parent Portal account. Parents are encouraged to explore G Suite for Education with their children by logging in together. You will be able to have your student log in to their Duxbury Google account at home and show you what they are currently working on in class, as well as items that have been turned in and commented on by the teacher.

    What about Privacy?

    Duxbury Public Schools is responsible for protecting and safeguarding the confidentiality of student information. For more information on Google's Privacy Policy, click here.

    Who has access to my child’s account?

    The G Suite for Education Terms of Service agreement with Duxbury Public Schools ensures that our institution (students, faculty, and staff) are the sole owners of their data. Google will only access content stored on G Suite for Education when an administrator from Duxbury Public Schools grants Google explicit permission to do so. One example would be to investigate inappropriate use.

    Does my child retain the copyright of their creations?

    The same copyright rules apply to content in G Suite for Education that would apply to any other creation, provided the student is the sole owner.

    How can I expect my child’s teacher to use G Suite?

    Teachers can use Google Docs, for example, to facilitate group projects and use the history tool to see the level of participation of each student in a group. Teachers will be able to give feedback to students directly in documents shared with a teacher. Turning in assignments will be as easy as sharing the file in Google Docs with the teacher, or by emailing it to the teacher through the student’s Duxbury G Suite for Education Gmail account (grades 6-12 only).

    What if another student deletes their work?

    The owner is the only person who can delete a document. Once a document is deleted, no one can access it, including those with whom it was shared.

    How will G Suite for Education reflect in their grade?

    The use of G Suite for Education will not in itself impact grades. Consult with your child’s teachers about individual class requirements and grading practices.

    Why is Google necessary for the students — can’t the teachers just answer students’ questions?

    The use of G Suite for Education is another tool Duxbury Public Schools provides to help students and teachers communicate, collaborate, apply critical thinking skills, and work creatively. Teachers will continue to answer students’ questions in the classroom. G Suite for Education provides students an additional opportunity to ask a teacher questions electronically, helping students learn to communicate in a real-world environment.

    Why do students need an e-mail? Isn’t there another way to communicate?

    Providing students with a Duxbury email address will allow for streamlined collaboration among their peers and teachers and provides a consistent digital tool that can be accessed from home and at school. This will also allow email to become an instructional tool and allows students to participate in authentic online learning in a safe environment.

    What is the value of G Suite for Education?

    Classroom collaboration, students and teachers can open and edit their documents quickly. No more distractions like USB flash drives, outdated file attachments, or confusing client software. Anytime, anywhere access to Google Drive allows users be productive from anywhere. Student and faculty can easily upload and share files that work on Mac, Windows, and even Linux computers, and supports popular formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf. Files stored in Google Drive are always accessible and the Duxbury Public Schools backs up everyone's account. Smarter commenting is ideal for instructor and collaborator feedback. Revision history allows users to review document edits over time.