• Fun Ways to Practice Trick Words:

    Matching Game:

    -make two sets of trick word cards

    -place them face down

    -each player picks two cards, reads them, and tries to make a match

    -play until all cards are matched 



    -make two sets of trick word cards

    -each player gets 5 cards and the rest go in the middle

    -take turns asking the other players if they have a certain card so they can make a match

    -if the player you ask does not have that trick word card, take a card from the pile


    Shaving cream:

    -this is a favorite in my room!

    -students are given shaving cream on a plate and are told to spread it around

    -someone says a trick word from the list

    -the kids practice writing their trick words in the shaving cream.


    Hidden Picture Sight Words: 

    -this game can be played two ways

    First way:

    -students are given trick words (I usually give 5 we are working on) and are asked to hide them in coloring pages. (working on identifying and writing trick words)

    -they give the picture to someone else who tries to find and read the trick words they have hidden

    -they can then color the picture when all words are found

    Second way:

    -the adult hides trick words (again usually 5) 

    -the student then tries to find and read the trick words (working on reading trick words)

    -the student can then color the picture when all words have been found


    Read the Room:

    -write down trick words on small pieces of paper

    -hide the pieces of paper 

    -tell the students they are trying to find the trick words you’ve hidden

    -when the student finds a trick word, they are to read it and then write it down

    -I have hidden the trick words in eggs before in order to make it more engaging



    -provide student with a blank bingo board 

    - give them a list of trick words (or one at a time on a card) and have them fill in the board with trick words

    -call out the trick words, one at a time, and have the student cover up the trick word with a coin or other small object

    -you can play until they get 5 in a row, fill their board, make a picture frame, or get the four corners



    -pick two trick words to work on

    -one player will be one trick word and the other will be the other trick word

    -take turns as in regular tic-tac-toe, but use the trick words instead of “x” and “o”


    Trick Word Play-doh:

    -flatten out the play-dog

    -student can write the trick word in the play-doh

    Fun Ways to Practice Number Sense: